Cnet: The war of the military shooters starts with Battlefield 3

We Americans sure do love our shooters, and this fall, DICE and Infinity Ward are competing for your hard-earned $60. Separated by a mere two weeks, Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 represent a significant chunk of the already-crowded holiday gaming season.

by Jeff Bakalar , Scott Stein and Dan Ackerman

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GraveLord2452d ago

Many problems with BF3 launch. EA dropped the ball.(again)

ATi_Elite2452d ago

10 million units shipped....yeh they dropped the ball alright while laughing non-stop to the bank!

oh and many stores are asking for more copies ASAP!

GraveLord2452d ago

Yes 10 million SHIPPED.
Why didn't they optimize their servers properly?
They sold a lot less than 10 million so they have no excuse.

ATi_Elite2452d ago

Actually was started with Red Orchestra 2 But most definitely will be won by Arma III in 2012!

Red Orchestra 2
Battlefield 3
Nuclear Dawn

take care of my FPS needs until BIGGER and BETTER things are released in the form of Arma III.