GamePro - Daytona USA Review

Terry Terrones writes: Sega's timeless racer has held up surprisingly well over the years, despite a lack of vehicular variety.

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darthv722460d ago

This looks to be somewhere in between. More like the ORIGINAL arcade version ported to xbla/psn. I like that it looks better than the saturn and not as inflated as the dreamcast version. Too bad they didnt have the same number of tracks from the DC or even the saturn CCE version.

Still all in all, I am stoked it has come out. Now if sega is feeling any more about thunder blade, galaxy force or a hang on game. happened to hang on?

Psychonaughty2460d ago

Never played the original so I'm not looking at this game with nostalgic eyes as so many are doing so after playing the demo I came to the conclusion it was a poor game with horrible music, graphics and handling.

Keep in mind I was a massive Sega fanboy during it's release originally in arcades, but as my local funland didn't ever receive the game I more than made do with Ridge Racer, sure it's controls were a little on rails (and not as good as RR's from what I heard) but I loved it's overall style and awesome happy hardcore soundtrack (I have Rotterdam Nation in my faves list on youtube to prove it!). It blew me away quite frankly.

I longed for Daytona all of the time though and in fact through the years have always resented them for not stocking the game that all the mags were raving about, but after finally playing it I can honestly say I was missing nothing.

darthv722460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

the thing about this game and so many other sega classics was there was no skill involved with playing it. The beauty of this one is just....speed. RR is a great comparative of arcade driving and quite a bit more challenging than Daytona.

Daytona is just about driving fast (not to quote Ricky Bobby) and if you hit something and flipped over a few time, you got lined back up with the ass of the car bouncing and kept on going fast.

That is the simplicity of the "old" sega arcade games. Even the likes of afterburner was just balls to the wall speed and barrel rolls and blowing stuff up. Outrun is just as simplistic and unrealistic (seriously a VW bug can be as fast as a ferrari).

I can respect you saying you didnt like it considering the number of years it has taken you to finally play it. If you do get the chance to try it in an arcade with the sit down link play with others (im not saying it will change you POV) you would more than likely have some fun with it.

Venjense2460d ago

For some reason I trust Gamepro reviews more than so many other sites.