Choose your Christmas console - which one should you choose? rounds up the prospects for each console and, most importantly, their exclusive games which should help you decide where you should splash your Christmas cash.

Ultimately it's all about the games. Here's a quick run down on each console and the exclusives it'll proudly be wearing this Christmas. At the end you'll also find a buyers guide for the top multi-format games. So choose wisely and have fun!

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toughNAME3919d ago

1st sentence, 2nd paragraph

AngryTypingGuy3918d ago

Totally agree. A system is only as good as its games. That is why the 360 is the choice of the hardcore gamer.

As far as the best choice for families goes, it would have to be the Wii. The PS3 and 360 are too advanced for small kids, and compared to Nintendo, they seriously lack titles rated E. However, overall, games that come out for the 360 and PS3 are of a higher quality.

Biphter3918d ago

They all look quite even. ALL systems have a good selection of games now. Its a good christmas for gamers :)

ravinash3918d ago

I got the PS3 because it had more games that appealed to me.
Yes 360 has more games over all, but not that many that I wanted.
I have both systems now, but I still get most of the games for my it all boils down to personal choice.

AngryTypingGuy3918d ago

@Ravinash - You're absolutely right, it's all about what appeals to you. Each console has their own distinct style. Get what you like.

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CrazzyMan3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

It has a Blu-ray player, which is very NICE and exclusive feature. =)

About games, yeah, it depends only on your taste. =)
Though, i am not sure, that Wii have enough games for hardcore gamers this Christmas, while ps3/x360 definetely have a lot of them. =)

InMyOpinion3918d ago

For a dyfunctional family, maybe. The Wii is the best choice for families. It has more games aimed at kids, is more interactive than the other too and is not as pricey.

Biphter3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

PS3 is the best family wise. I have a family and they love it. Wii is better for a NON GAMER family, in our family it would loose, Why? because i'm a hard core gamer, Wii only has 1 maybe 2 games total that im interested in. My wife is a non gamer, she doesn't even want to TOUCH a controller with even ONE button.. she likes Eyetoy games and Singstar. My son is 2½ years old, he just waggles the joypad around and can sometimes press a button. He likes alot of the PSN games I have, especially Super Rub A Dub, he also likes eyetoy games. The Wii would maybe only suit my son, possibly my wife the Xbox 360 only really suits me (I know as I've owned one and the kid and missus didnt touch it once). The PS3 suits all of us as did the PS2, and I have the back compat PS3 so we can all play our old favourites still (apart from The Tweenies game, fix that Sony! My son is p!ssed!) ;)

Then there are all the media functions! My son loves looking at photos (Especially of himself) and home videos taken on the PSP cam (copied over to the PS3). Me and the missus love watching Movies when the nipper is in bed, having a choice of Hi def an low def is good! Also all my music collection is stored on PS3 (upgraded to a 160Gig HDD BTW).

Darkiewonder3918d ago

IDK. It's up to the games now since I havea PC, Ps3, 360, Wii, and PSP. I'm All set ;3

Slayer OP3918d ago

I gots me a ps3 and im getting a few games for it this christmas. In february ill get a wii.

Premonition3918d ago

Looks like this site was late on the UT3 info since its coming out this year in Dec.

coolfool3918d ago

I thought Epic said that UT3 would be out in the America's region for by Christmas but due to the legnthy localisation process wouldn't be out until next year for Europe.

And as this is a UK based article............

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