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Battlefield fans, the game you've been waiting for has arrived in truly rare form. If you've never played a Battlefield game, Battlefield 3 is certainly the game to pop that cherry on.

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Runa2162459d ago

I am most certainly looking forward to this game, but I think I'll get it on PS3 since I don't like playing for XboxLive

swirldude2459d ago

Good score, but I bet some fanboys will still be very angry.

WolfLeBlack2459d ago

Don't be daft, this is the internet, it's a certainty that some people will get angry at this review :D

naznatips2459d ago

Nice to see one review not completely driven by hype for this game.

Stewie2k82459d ago

I think a few of those average reviews where expecting the game to be a lot more than what it is and hyping it to death that when they finally played it, it felt underwhelming. although this is a well written review.

SH0CKW4VE2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

No i think those average reviews are just people who thought the single player and co-op elements were utter shit like myself but we can agree it has a redeeming multiplayer.