iGG: Hands On Preview | Super Mario 3D Land

iGo Gaming Editor Damien Munoz: I will most definitely admit that even after having had Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D for a couple of months now, I hardly go back to play my Nintendo 3DS. Bought at launch, I can’t find too many titles that appeal to me as a handheld gamer. Don’t get me wrong, Ocarina 3D is absolutely fantastic, but it isn’t something I can see myself playing for hours straight. However, my view on the console has certainly changed after playing through the Super Mario 3D Land demo at New York Comic Con.

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Criminal2404d ago

Looks good, but I'm more excited for the new Mario Kart.

iXenon2404d ago

Mario Kart is going to be amazing. I played that at NYCC and enjoyed it.

browngamer42404d ago

Between this game Mario Kart 7 and Skyward sword (heck I'm even excited to play Kirbys dream land with my kids) this is gonna be one hell of a Nintendo Christmas!