Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster Review (

Vivid Gamer's James Damian writes, "If the idea of a grown man flailing at the air amidst the voices of Sesame Street characters seems odd to you, that’s because it truly is. However strange most Kinect games make its users look, it only seems to magnify with the thought of playing with the characters from Sesame Street. Now normally I’d shy away from childrens games and wouldn’t bat an eye at a review covering the subject matter, but in the case of the Kinect title Once Upon A Monster, I was willing to make an exception. This was due to the fact that this game was produced by Double Fine Studios, home of Tim Schafer and company, creators of titles such as Trenched, Brutal Legend, and Psychonauts. Could they somehow make Sesame Street appeal to adults though?"

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rrquinta2486d ago

I really want to get this game for my nieces for Christmas. They loved Kinectamals and I think they'd enjoy playing this with their father.

Jamesmanguyperson2486d ago

I'd recommend it! I'd say one of the best children's games in awhile..

TheLiztress2486d ago

If I owned the Xbox 360 with Kinect, I would get this for my boys. It looks fun and dare I say that I would probably play it too.