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Vivid Gamer's Grant Gaines writes, "It’s easy for us gamers to get quickly attached to a franchise’s characters. Uncharted for instance could easily do a side game without Drake and star Victor (my personal dream). However, many would expect Drake in every Uncharted title, which is exactly what happened with Dead Rising 2. After seeing the man who’s covered wars in at least four other Capcom games, fans were expecting another go with Frank West. This obviously did not happen, but due to demand, Capcom redid Dead Rising 2 with Frank West as the leading character. This begs the question: is this enough to justify another game?"

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core_52488d ago

poor review, that game is more than only a two .. you write many reasons why this game is better than dead rising 2 that has a metascore of 80. it is better than dead rising 2 .. fail review

rrquinta2488d ago

If you read the review, he gives it a 2 based on the fact that it really doesn't offer much to those who played DR2 already. If you haven't played the first game, he gives it an 8.

Personally, I really wanted to like DR2, but the combat was too annoying. I actually liked the multiplayer a lot, even though it apparently is dead.

Jamesmanguyperson2488d ago

Sad that most people are going to see the low score and won't even bother to click through to understand that there are two different ratings..

TheLiztress2488d ago

From the review: "Editor’s note: The final review score is based off playing the original. If you didn’t play Dead Rising 2, this game scores around an 8."

I take that as it's a great game for those who haven't played DR2. If it offers very little new from DR2, why should it get a super high score?