Grand Theft Auto V Wishlist

Dualshock Nexus: Now that Grand Theft Auto V has been officially confirmed, many gamers are wondering about the new features we may possibly see in the game. We have compiled a wishlist of features we would love to see implemented in GTA V.

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omi25p2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

1. Improved Character Customisation

2. Vehicle Modifications

3. More missions like three leaf clover and the casino heist in San andreas

4. Less Pick up and Drop off missions.

5. RPG Elements

6. Planes

7. Ability to swim under water.

None of these are exactly hard to do seeings they have all been in previous Grand Theft Auto games.

Treezy5042280d ago

Mighty fine list there omi, and it would be great to see all of that return for GTA V.

Pikajew2280d ago

No RPG elements, that was the worst part in GTA SA. It was very annoying

omi25p2280d ago

I mean like the ability to gain muscle. Except it could be more indepth in GTA V. You could train to run faster or punch harder. Then that would change the way the gameplays.

I dont mean that you have to eat every few hours or you will die kind of RPG elements

BitbyDeath2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

I'd just be happy if they focused on having a decent story this time around.

EDIT: Oh and likeable characters

2280d ago
TXIDarkAvenger2280d ago

Everything San Andreas had should be in GTA V along with new ideas.