Dead Rising For The PC & Lost Planet "Colonies" Expansion Pack In The Works?

Rumor has it that Dead Rising will be making its way to the PC, and Lost Planet will be getting a new expansion pack.

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akaFullMetal3832d ago

hey, well i guess i can then play this on my pc, i mean i have a ps3, and a pc, im going to be picking up bioshock, tonight, and then probably this, i guess i dont need to get a 360 yet

Bnet3433832d ago

it's a rumor so don't get your hopes up kid

jackdoe3832d ago

I wouldn't buy it. Remember all of the other "great" Capcom PC ports.

Charlie26883832d ago

@jackdoe: don't even start I don't even want to think how DMC4 for the PC is gonna end up like >.>

LOFT3163832d ago

Was a good game hope the sequal make's its way on the PS3 Lost planet on the other hand capcom can keep that load of kak

Charlie26883832d ago

SWEET more Lost Planet (I like Mech games OK! :P)

vgn243832d ago

XF posted about this like 2 weeks ago. Colonies is a sequel, not expansion pack.