Crazy Earl Making a Comeback in Borderlands 2

Players will "Meet Crazy Earl" for a second time in Borderlands 2

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Quagmire2334d ago

What about Scooter, Dr. Zed, Marcus?

Hope they all come back to. And I hope the first 4 Vault Hunters actually talk to you this time and have a real conversation.

LackTrue4K2334d ago

same here!!! it wont be Borderlands without them!

Brownghost2334d ago

scooter must come back!!!!!!!!

antz11042334d ago

"My ride might not be the prettiest girl at the prom, but she'll put out on the first date!"

palaeomerus2334d ago

Crazy Earl was cool because he was a grotesque unmoving oversized head behind a slot in a shack door that was too low considering the size of his head.

Therefore I interpret him as a "head in a box" puppet similar to something Senor Wences or Pee Wee's (Herman)Playhouse might have come up with.

Either that, or from the neck down he's some kind of pale icky snake-like deformed mutant.

Otherwise, why would Tannis have given him the artifact and her underwear? It's obvious! HA AH HA HAAAAA. HA.

SockMaster2334d ago


Excited :D

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