Batman: Arkham City Review: A Perfect Version of Its Predecessor

From the article:

"If there is one thing that most superhero games neglect, it is the feel. I rarely feel like a superhero in any comic-book game. That’s why Batman: Arkham Asylum was such a pleasant surprise. With engaging combat, intuitive gadgets, and a plethora of references to Batman lore, Arkham Asylum made me feel like I was controlling Batman and not another generic video game character.

Arkham Asylum was a well-made Batman game that offered a lot. Its sequel, Batman: Arkham City, isn’t much different. However, that’s absolutely fine. I was left wanting more Batman at the end of the first game, and I got just that."

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FlyWestbrook2399d ago

Great game, way better than first. Having the time of my life with. 5/5

Perjoss2399d ago

I think the reviewer was in such a hurry to start new game+ that he/she made a typo, it's supposed to read 5/5.

BigDollarZoe9542399d ago

A True Contender for Game Of The Year