What Makes Horror Games So Scary?

GP blogger, Adam McCarthy writes, "Its around Halloween now, the best time of year for horror gaming. Horror games like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Alone in the Dark, and Amnesia do their job exceptionally well. But what makes these games so effective and terrifying? In reality, it's a combination of several elements that pull together to make horror games scare you."

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DasBunker2339d ago

a lack of map adds a lot of tension to a game.. say youre being chased by madafaking mongolian zombies.. there are many doors but you dont really know where it leads or what else is there around the corner...

whats not scary:

bright and sunny environments, slow and retarded enemies, enemies with guns, plenty of ammo.. oh sh!t i just described RE5

DlocDaBudSmoka2339d ago

short answer-nothing. now if this question was asked back in the 90s when it started. the answer might be different. as it stands now, its all just rehash.

sonicsidewinder2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

Things that put you in fear.

Fear of death. Fear of the Dark. Fear of the Monster in the cupboard.

...The Shadowmen hiding under your bed.

*Cue Enter Sandman*

Good Article, yo.

I'm using this weekend as an excuse to force myself into completing Amnesia. Havn't got up to the area I managed to get to last time I tried.

What terifies me the most is getting up to that area though. Cus I won't be prepared for the horrors I have yet to see.

I'm such a chicken wuss.

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