Nintendo 3DS Obliterates Competition In Japan

The latest Japanese hardware sales from last week and the Nintendo 3DS has officially obliterated the competition.

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browngamer42399d ago

The Japanese apparently have great taste in gaming systems.;)

Jirachi2399d ago

Indeed 3ds is awesome :3

darthv722399d ago

are hounding me to get one. They all have their ds lites so the 3ds would be mine. all mine I tell you!

longcat2399d ago

handhelds sell a lot in japan.

its no surprise. If a console starts doing theses numbers, then thats a different story.

Good to see the new pink 3ds sell

apollo062399d ago

I love my 3DS.... It's a great handheld and will only get better from here.

caseh2399d ago

DS Lite – 36

Surely that can't be right. :D

buddymagoo2399d ago

I'm confused??? I read this just today, help?

darthv722399d ago

for something to sell like hotcakes and still not turn a profit. Generally the progits are from the software not the hardware. So nintendo as a dual purpose company is reporting the loss of income on the hardware side and will likely report their sales of software on the up side with more people buying the unit and subsequent games like zelda, starfox and mario.

That is just a guess.

bergoo2399d ago

The dollar to yen conversion is extremely weak right now, they're losing money because of it. If you include the 3Ds price drop, the money they're spending on advertising.....and all the money they're spending on R&D for the WiiU, its no surprise theyre loosing money. Next year we'll read an article about their record breaking profits.

Knushwood Butt2398d ago

Furthermore, while they might be selling the hardware, nobody seems to be buying the software. Just look at the Japanese top 20 for proof.

After they dropped the price of the 3DS, word is that they barely make any profit on it. Their plan was to get as many 3DSs to users as possible before the VITA came out, then make money off the software. So far that ain't happening.

maniacmayhem2399d ago

Remember the "Nintendo is doomed" articles and the posters who agrees?

Yea...where are they now?

jeweetwelwie2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

We're right here actually:p No but seriously the 3ds sold allot more in the first month after the price cut. in the first month of the pricecut they sold over 100.000 units a week in japan, america, AND europe ( about 400.000 a week total). now they're selling about 30.000 to 50.000 units less in all 3 areas. so my point is the 3ds isnt selling more, the competition is simply selling LESS in japan so actually the 3ds still isnt doing that well. sorry to burst your bubble.

bergoo2399d ago

say that again after the holidays

maniacmayhem2399d ago

No bubble burst here, the fact is everyone rallied on here for the fall of the Big N. Saying the 3DS was a failure, slammed it for lack of games and condemned it for the quick price cut.

All this is reminiscent of the PS3 when it first dropped. and its doing good now.

The 3ds may be selling less to you, even tho you provided no proof but its still selling.

AWBrawler2399d ago

Spin spin spin spin!
How's life as a hitmontop going, you spin master

Perjoss2399d ago

haters gonn... well you know how it goes.

silvacrest2399d ago

no hating here but nintendo did make a loss the quarter, taking the 3DS price cut into account that isn't good news

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