PlanetSide 2's maps are four square miles each

Sony Online Entertainment's upcoming MMO-shooter sequel, PlanetSide 2, will apparently feature gigantic maps that are approximately 8x8 kilometers in size. (That's just over 4 square miles, for us Americans.) Furthermore, the game's maps are being structured to support competitive shootouts between unbalanced teams. To get a better idea, it's possible to encounter a scenario where you and about twenty or so teammates try to defend a base against an onslaught of around 200 attackers.

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ATi_Elite2399d ago

are you serious?

Dude that's Ultra huge for a map. that's like every COD map ever with plenty of room for any other FPS map

stevenhiggster2398d ago

ATi, did you have a Sheldon moment there? Need a sarcasm sign? :)

ATi_Elite2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

oh ok you were joking :)

did u play planetside 1?

anticooper2397d ago

no havent played it, but its sounds really cool:-)

ATi_Elite2399d ago

16 vs. 16.........Facepalm

32 vs. 32........Meh

64 vs 64 mod.........Blah blah blah

Planetside 2 = 1000 vs. 1000........HOLY SHITE!

chak_2398d ago

4 square miles?

Not sure to understand, I've read on RPS continents are 8x8km, which is 64

stevenhiggster2398d ago

Ah, there's a difference between a square mile and a mile squared.
I'm no mathematician but it's true :)

chak_2398d ago

I think a kilometers is around 1.4 miles or something.

Still there is a big difference.

Linkinito2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

A kilometer is shorter than a mile, 1 mile = 1.609 kilometer ;)

There's a mistake, 8 km = 5 miles.
64 km² = 25 square miles.

In comparison a typical CoD map is like 200 meters by 200 meters, so its 40,000 m², 0.04 km².
And a Battlefield 3 map is around 1 to 2 km².
The Just Cause 2 map is 1024 km² (32x32 km).

demonicale2398d ago

Looking intresting, played the original, and PS2 is looking and sounding better and better!