The Graphical Advancements of Skyrim: A Comparison to Oblivion

GameZone compares screenshots for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to Oblivion, and shows how far the series has advanced visually.

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TheSanchezDavid2374d ago

Huge difference in the detail, especially in the faces. It's crazy how much more advanced Skyrim is. Looks great!

jeseth2373d ago

Skyrim does look great considering the scale BUT

There has been 3 years since Oblivion AND several Bethesda games since on all platforms. We should not be surprised at all.

jimineyscrickets2373d ago

She's a beauty! I'm literally taking the day off work to play. Gotta love those "personal days"and luckily my boss will be doing the same thing.

Heh heh, grown business men skipping work for a game!

jeseth2372d ago

5? Try 4.

Which also further proves my point. Hahahaha.

StraightPath2373d ago

Is there any footage or screens from the PS3 version? Worrying it is, perhaps I should get the Xbox 360 version.

IrishAssa2373d ago

No the Ps3 ain't good for open world games

NiteX2373d ago

Neither is the 360. PC however...

lifesanrpg2374d ago

I'm gonna be doing some rippin and tearin when Skyrim releases.

damn those women in oblivion were ugly

BeOneWithTheGun2374d ago

And I am going to be a thieving bastard!

bahabeast86192374d ago

thats almost like ps2 vs ps3 difference wow

icecoldfire2373d ago

no more like a ps1 against a ps20 :)

eak32373d ago

Im thinking an Argonian assasin will be my first toon

kcuthbertson2373d ago

Exactly what I was thinking...with some slight mage skills thrown in for good measure.

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The story is too old to be commented.