Games Radar: Why are PS3 games always late?

Games Radar do a few case studies to find out why the PS3 games are always late:

"Oh PS3, you really must work on this tardiness. You're a strong student with a lot of brains, and you can produce good work when you put your mind to it, but with this persistent lateness you're not only letting us down, but you're letting yourself down too. We know you've only just joined us and that you've had to take some time to settle in, but you're really going to have to start applying yourself from now on.

Nagging teacher-speak aside, just what is it with PS3 release shedules? Launch dates for games on Sony's black monolith seem more likely to slip than a fat man on an ice rink. Multi-format releases often see the PS3 version turning up to the party around midnight with a sheepish grin and a story about a train cancellation, and even exclusives have trouble arriving on time."

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Boink3957d ago

it's a good read, but doesn't really answer the question, just kinda mentions what games were delayed, lists a few suggestions as to why, and then quotes some devs on it.

sonarus3957d ago

mgs isnt late it will be released when it is ready. I remember mgs ALWAYS got pushed back in the past so its essentially the same deal. Let konami take as much time as they need to release their game.

ReBurn3956d ago

Konami shouldn't be given a pass on MGS4 delays just because they say that Kojima is a moody perfectionist. If the release date were truly "whenever it is ready" then they wouldn't have said that it would be ready for 2007 or winter 2008. The longer they take to release this game the more the hype will wear off.

mighty_douche3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

either the devs or publisher doesnt think its ready to ship.

obviously somethimes its for tactical reasons, not wanting to over shadow another game etc....

im sure some of you will come up with a few more "exciting" opinions though.

xsteinbachx3957d ago

i swear i read about this maybe 2-3 times a week or every two weeks.... none the less i'm tired of these.

remix3957d ago

and there kind've slow IN THE HEAD ON HOW TO WORK ON A MACHINE.


but question. there are literally 8 RECENT REVIEWS for rachet and clank that havent been calculated in metacritics.


fury3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

...the games will be released on time. Always keep the example PS2 in mind. It had hardly any games, and the release of the real good games was pushed further and further back but now it has an armada of AAA games.

Boink3957d ago

the ps3 has been out more than a year now, and would have had their dev kits 6 months to a year before that.

so they have had almost 2 years to work with it now, sure there are always more tweaks that get discovered, but to say they are still figuring out the system tells me that devs are stupid, or the system is overly complex.

fury3957d ago

Since sony halved the fees for the PS3 development kits and provided more and better tools we can be quite confident that more and more games will be released in the course of the next months. Also the time to develop a new game will be shorter, its always a question of familiarisation. The hardware architecture is quite complex, yes, but wasn't the same said about the PS2 at that time?

mesh13957d ago

LIES COD4/ASSASIN CREED PROVED U ARE RONG u cant keep saying devs need to ge tuse to it its been a year...

Boink3957d ago

are you saying that sony and developers had problems programming with the ps2, and sony didn't learn anything about designing a system and and making good tools so devs would have an easier time programming?

they were short on the dev kits before launch, they made a system full of parts that nobody knew how to use, and they have been accused of not giving 3rd party devs enough help in figuring it out.

that is why I think sony is in the tough position they are right now.

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