Inside The Development Of Halo 4

GameInformer: "With Halo 4, the newly-crafted development studio 343 Industries is attempting to build the next great adventure for the legendary Master Chief. We had a chance to visit their office (located in the old Bungie studio) and discuss their approach on how to take the Halo series in a bold, new direction while remaining true to the past 10 years of excellence."

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A_Troll_From_Ign2457d ago

Can not wait for the new story arc!!

Can anybody shead some light on it?

tmoss7262457d ago

And Master Chief and Cortana. And guns.

Agheil2457d ago

was hoping for somthin more, they kept talkin about how hard it was to not talk ABOUT the game lol .....still CANNOT WAIT!!

HOPEFULLY its before we all die LOL

Venjense2457d ago

I just want to see if Halo can be great without Bungie. It will be hard to tell given how pressured most reviews are to give high scores to big games.

cl19832457d ago

If you play the game then you would be able to give your own opinion about it, and then discuss if the game is good or garbage. Yes I do realize we have to wait a whole year for it still.