Top Ten Thanksgiving Traditions Translated to Games

Happy Thanksgiving from! To help celebrate the holidays, they have compiled a list of ten games to best prepare you for the many travails of Turkey Day.

#1 The crowded malls - Dead Rising

What, you thought Thanksgiving ended at midnight on Thursday? Not quite. Are you ready to face the biggest shopping day of the year? Yep, Black Friday. Stores open at the crack of dawn that day, and the early-bird customers are as rabid and bleary-eyed as the throngs of zombies you'll fight through in Dead Rising. Just don't behead someone for a $300 HDTV, ok?

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MK_Red3922d ago

"Awkward conversation: Shenmue"
"Fighting with relatives: Devil May Cry 3"
Awesome. Nice find and list :)

"The crowded malls: Dead Rising"
Dead Rising FTW!