Valkyria Chronicles II is now on Sale on the European PSN too

Last Week saw a definitely convenient sale on Valkyria Chronicles II and its DLC packages. Unfortunately the sale was limited to North America, leaving European fans high and dry.

Looks like the situation has now been corrected, as Valkyria Chronicles II is now on sale on the European PSN as well.

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ashiksorel2491d ago

Most excellent!! Now Europe can enjoy this WONDERFUL game with its 300+ hours of gameplay content for such a steal...

Why it would crime for a PSP owner not to have this...

JRTie2490d ago

Good for the Europeans. If you haven't picked up Valkyria Chronicles 2 then there is no better time then now. TRUST ME it is worth you money with all the improvements to gameplay mechanics and 300+ hours of game play. Your getting your moneys worth on this one

darylsudden2490d ago

Awesome! There's no reason to not pick it up at this price. Too many people are missing out on Valkyria Chronicles.

Now I have it twice. :P can't wait to play it on my Vita as soon as that beast is out.

iamthebozz2490d ago

No better time than now to get a copy of the game. The DLC is by itself one of the best additions, adding 22 more missions making the game even more of a blast!