Yahtzee (Zero Punctuation) Visits Valve, a Travelogue

About a week ago, Yahtzee got on a plane to visit Valve. Seems they were so tickled by his review of The Orange Box, they wanted to meet him in person and shake his hand. Either that or shoot him and dump him in Puget Sound. The suspense was palpable. But even if they did whack him, he'd at least get to visit the US, which, as we all know, was a lifelong dream of his.

The only problem was he wouldn't have time to prepare a Zero Punctuation review for this week. Instead, he wrote a travelogue of his experiences in Seattle, including visiting a shooting range, firing handguns with the people from Valve. Yeah, it doesn't get any better than that.

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mighty_douche3958d ago

...every room i entered at valve has 3-5 different selections of junk food, ranging from pizza to indian.

strange though, every room i saw Gab leaving seemed to just contain a load of empty bags and heaps of undigested food all over the floor, reminiscent of the mess Slimmer made in the Ghostbusters movies.... strange...

socomnick3958d ago

Your pathetic douche you Sony fans keep insulting one of the best developers of all time because he said the ps3 was crap. Wow who cares you guys hold a grudge.

mighty_douche3958d ago

im one of the biggest VALVE supporters you'll ever meet, i love ever thing they make, on steam i have the GOLD package, i have everygame/everything to ever come out of that studio. the ps3 port has nothing to do with this, i have the orange box obviously foir my PC which is far superior to either console.

unlike alot of people on this site, i can love a product with out having to love everything about its developer/manufacturer. i personally think Gab (personally) is an obnoxious prick, but are his games fantastic, YES.

stop jumping on people like your the owner of this f*cking site, im entitled to write whatever i want, i dont need approval.

BattleAxe3958d ago

I've never played a valve game to my knowledge, an i never will due to the fact that Gabe Newell came out and called the PS3 a waste of everyones time. I can't purchase a game from a company that has that kind of a bad attitude. They really don't deserve my money or any other PS3 owners money for that matter. I think that Gabe Newell would have a tough time getting hired from any large company in the games industry that has any kind of high professional standards.