3 Reasons BF Players Would Get Booted From the Real Military

Here are three reasons that BF3 players’ online skill would get them dishonorably discharged (or killed) from the real military.

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Dart892459d ago

Man this was some funny sh*t xD.

Iroquois_Pliskin2459d ago

I agree with #1! Its just so full of win! I'm sick of those "snipers" who rush in in the middle of the chaos with a effin pistol! And what about those "support" guys who never share their ammo with you? God!

Criminal2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

"And what about those "support" guys who never share their ammo with you?"

Those guys irritate me the most. Every time I end picking up a kit off the ground, and usually it's recon, which I don't like using. :(

iamnsuperman2459d ago

@Iroquois_Pliskin because class based multiplayer is becoming a failed concept because lately more people just look out for themselves. I am not sure why but just looking out for yourself is becoming the norm, no matter if the multiplayer is classed based

JBaby3432459d ago

^^ Check out society. It's all about looking out for ol' #1. Only makes sense it would happen in games too.

Skip_Bayless2458d ago

I'm a Marine in real life and I do all those things. I do suicide dives with the jets too. Semper Fi lol

Soldierone2458d ago

@above if my team is helping then I give out ammo. If you are capturing a point, ill put out ammo. If you just killed a guy with me, ill put out ammo.

if you are running around trying to play team deathmatch on Conquest well go eff yourself lol Same with medic. sitting there camping doing nothing helpful for the team, enjoy spawning somewhere.

RedDragan2458d ago

The running around like headless chickens thing makes me laugh, I wish a BF or COD game will fix that issue because if the americans or british did that in a real battlefield in 2004 then the Iraqi's would have actually won a skirmish in Bush and Blair's campaign.

But the Americans and British didn't do things like the hotshots in BF and COD. They camped in their fire fights, and won.

Which brings me to the point of camping, and snipers, the headless chickens are always complaining about them and then kick them for performing what is the only realistic tactic in Battlefield and COD. That is the mentality of most, not all, players these days.

AKS2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

@RedDragan I was in the Marine Corps from 95 to 99, and I received infantry training. It drives me nuts having people scream in my ear about "camping" when using the recon class when I'm consistently marking targets for other opponents and using the advantage of the long range lens to verbally communicate what the opponents are doing and where they are, as well as of course picking of some of them. I do not stay stagnant in one position; you will get killed constantly doing that. I use the class in a way that incorporates its strengths. I guess the hive mind mob just wants everyone to pick the assault class and blindly charge forward.

I usually play with a friend of mine who is a former Army Ranger and sniper. Less headaches for me that way.

AKS2458d ago

I meant to say "marking targets for other teammates..." Typo.

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raWfodog2459d ago

Number 2 had me laughing out loud.

Operation "broken legs hostage bait" :)

Blaine2459d ago

I liked this part: "Hopefully I don’t have to explain to you why it’s impossible for people in real life to spawn friends out of their butthole"!

Gurt_McSquirt2458d ago

That made me laugh hysterically.

egidem2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

That was fun to read. No. 1 sadly explains pretty much the behavior of some players in Battlefield.

If I'm running out of ammo, and you're an assault sitting next to me and I ask for it (point at you and press the spot button) you should be able to see this on the minimap with ease.

I shouldn't really have to jump up and down, shoot you, knife you, frag you just so that you can finally recognize what I'm trying to say.

Some people don't know how to properly ask for supplies like ammo, repair assistance or health kit and some can't see this in order to assist accordingly.

Blaine2459d ago

Usually when people don't give ammo it's for one of two reasons:

a) They're noobs. Don't know how to give ammo yet/ don't know they can.

I try to forgive these... But too many noobs gets annoying fast!

b) They're selfish assholes who's logic tells them that less ammo for you = more kills for them.

Fylus2458d ago

Hmm, how many reasons can you think of for a Call Of Duty Player getting the same treatment? I can think of a few...

Regardless, pretty funny article.

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Nitrowolf22459d ago

LOL that was actually a great read

Tuxedo_Mask2459d ago

One reason why BF players would be welcome in the Real Military: Re-spawning.

Jobesy2459d ago

#2 tactics, when in doubt, blind your enemy with a flashlight.

Mister_V2459d ago

Haha, I think even just running around with a .50 cal sniper rifle and using it the way we do in MP would get us kicked.

Pintheshadows2459d ago

It would probably get you a dislocated shoulder as well. If of course you were strong to lift it like that in the first place.

AKS2458d ago

LMGs are also not as light as a feather, either. I've lugged around the M240G for miles through sand. Some are a "two-man-carry" weapon in real life, but they are evidently easily carried while sprinting for miles in videogame land.

3GenGames2459d ago

#1 is for people who don't know how to play BF games. But other than that yeah, pretty funny. :)

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