Battlefield 3 Almost £50 on PSN; Users Voice Concern, Launch Updates

Battlefield 3 has already seen its release in North America with the shooter’s European launch happening this Friday.

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doctorstrange2276d ago

Digital downloads for full games will never be a success if publishers keep doing this.

ArchangelMike2276d ago

Way to skank the gamers EA/Sony. Naa not into digital dowmloads for games. For comics and music yes, games No! But that's just me :)

3GenGames2276d ago

Who wants to have comics or CD's only downloadable either? Pfft, online comics? That'd kill publishers because then anyone with half decent graphical skill can produce nearly the same thing. Plus CD's sure that's more accepted today but you really think people would prefer not to have a CD of at least their favorite bands? I love it myself. I even plan on getting some vinyl of them too. I want physical media, it's something you can remember and hold and provides your money's worth, not just the content.

deadpoole2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

if they wanna boost digital downloads ... which tbh is costin em far less compared to disc distribution (as it involves disc creation, recording, packaging, printing, shipping, distribution, product placement etc charges)... price should have been 35.00 Quids ...

But nope they are chargin em at higher price 50.00 quids ... totally dumb move in my opinion.

The thing is they are charging RRP ... which tbh is for retailers ... they should be chargin far less as they are the publishers themselves.

ApplEaglElephant2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

you do know that average cost of making a disc is about 70 cents... recording and all that combined. no offense but you are spewing crap.

Either way, you are given a choice if you dont like it then just by the disc. not really losing anything there.

Iroquois_Pliskin2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Might get it online, since importing takes longer. However, a price tag of £50 is too expensive! Dont dont have to tax/print it... Cmon ea/sony if you really want to promote psn, you should drastically lower the prices...

Emilio_Estevez2276d ago

That's only EA's fault. Sony doesn't have any say on price.

jdfoster2276d ago

I think sony is going in the right direction actually... Wasn't it reported vita games will be cheaper to download than buy from stores?

NewMonday2276d ago

I just bought the physical copy, and I confess it is stupid, but will buy the digital copy again, it makes things simpler because now I can just jump quickly when I get an invite, and get back quickly to my other game when I finish.

I just hope they inform us beforehand that they will do this, same thing happens with Infamous 2.

DaTruth2276d ago

They don't have a choice! They can't risk alienating the retail chains; especially on something that performs far worse than retail chains!

Look at the PSPGo fiasco! Retailers won't even carry the small Memory stick Duo and Gamestop refuses to carry the $20 PSN cards!

If anything, they will wait for next gen to fully push this and have 1TB standard HDD!

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Linzoid2276d ago

Why pay £50 for a digital download when you can get the retail version for £30 from Asda? Not only that, when you've had your fun you can trade it in against another game, you can't trade in a digital download!

Digital downolads won't take off if this keeps happening.

Dazel2276d ago

It's a complete rip off but its not just psn, digital dl on the xbox is prohibitively high. At the guy who says the disc cost a mere 70cents, with digital they aren't losing near 50% to the retailer or the cost of boxing etc.

If Sony, MS and the publishers want digital dl to take off and they do because of used sales, they need to bring the prices down by about 25% of usual retail. Otherwise it just isn't an attractive option when I can buy for less and trade for 40% when I'm bored.

Linzoid2274d ago

Totally agree, they need to be at least 25% less than retail!

I'll never download full games while they're either the same or more than their retail versions.

geddesmond2276d ago

I was saying this last week in the comments section of an article about online Passes and how digital downloads will be the future. My comment got loads of disagrees.

Publishers have to price retail games higher on the PSN store and Xbox live marketplace to keep retailers happy. Retailers know that if a downloaded game costs the same as the retail version then a lot of people will choose the download version cause its so easy to access.

Publishers can't tell the retailers they are lowering the prices because they need these retailers to sell the hardware and retailers can easily choose not to sell the hardware like a lot of them did with the PSP Go.

Digital Downloads will never be successful as long as Publishers rely on retailers for selling hardware

john22276d ago

I don't know why Sony decide to charge insane amounts for these sort of PSN games

CynicalVision2276d ago

Sony have nothing to do with the pricing, EA are the publishers.

Heartnet2276d ago

Its simply because ur buying straight from the Publishers that they sell it at full RRP Price..

I dunno if they still do ti but game retailers will often put 49.99 RRP but then they sell it for 40...

Its no different than buying the physical media straight from the publishers website..

CynicalVision2276d ago

£50? What the hell is EAs problem? That's a lot more than the retail version.

Heartnet2276d ago

Not if u buy it straight off the publishers website i doubt ;) used to be that way anyway

NYC_Gamer2276d ago

digital copies should always be cheaper

iamnsuperman2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

I think it is to do with retailers. Its a bit of a bluff. Sony wouldn't lower the price so to avoid upsetting retailers. Sony could realistically sell it at a very low price but that would cut off retailers. The threat of retailers not branding their games/ branding opposition games is a threat. This is why games online (at launch) will never be in competition. Sony has nothing to lose if the price is high as they do not loose physical value unlike retailers who have to buy the games weekly to meet demands. It was explained on a bonus round on gametrailers. Its basically maximum profits with little to loose and also not trying to annoy retailers.

thebudgetgamer2276d ago

This. Has you noticed that at every press conference the first thing they do is thank retail/publishing partners.

DaTruth2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Beat me to it!

@Europeans: Noticing people saying they're paying 70 Euros for games! That bites man, you guys pay more Euros than we pay dollars and the Euro has 40 cents on the US$/CAN$.

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