Mass Effect's combat: does it work?

There's been mixed opinion surrounding Mass Effect's Ghost Recon-meets-Gears of War combat gameplay, and while we think it's actually quite good we've mashed together a video montage so you can make up your own mind.

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BigKev453955d ago

Yeah, it works! Mass Effect is a great game. Let's not be so critical.

titntin3955d ago

Its a little glitchy, but still serviceable and fun for the main part!! :)
If it were an FPS title, you could be critical, but its great for an RPG...
Its the technical glitches and the lacklustre side quests that leave it open to critiscm in my opinion, but I do love it anyway and I'm just about to finish it for the first time. Its rare I play a game through more than once, but I'll make an exception this time.
Having been a paragon soldier this time, I fancy playing it as a renegade biotic and seeing just how divergent you can make the story. Not very divergent I suspect, but I'll give it a go anyway!

PS360PCROCKS3955d ago

Yes! It's awesome, a little confusing at first but it's so awesome nonetheless. I love grenades, lol first time I threw one it was outdoors and it just sailed away haha

Twizlex3955d ago

Wow, the dude playing in the video is not very good. I've gotten beat up quite a few times so far in the game, but this guy just blows. Why at that point in the game does he still only have one shield level?

Saint Sony3955d ago

That's typical reviewer style of playing.

Luckily this title got scores it really deserves. It's great!

What scares me the most, some great titles are reviewed by people who actually don't know sh!t about how the game should be played. Assassin's Creed is one good example.

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The story is too old to be commented.