Top 10 Scariest Games Of All Time

Whether we like it or not, we crave horror stories because they give us a sense of urgency, and frightens us in a way that is safe and secure in that we don’t have to deal with the life and death situations that characters in the stories go through.

The same goes for horror gaming.

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zerocrossing2373d ago

Fatal Frame 2: Crimson butterfly directors cut, is one of my all time favourite game! creepy as hell.

EVILDEAD3602373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

The original Fatal Frame as the scariest Fatal Frame by far. It was loosely based on a 'true story' and it was so scary that I would bet people that they couldn't get past the first 15 minutes without dropping the controller out of fear. I won over 90% of the time and I am NOT tell a lie.

The developer knew the game was so scary that the biggest lesson they learned that in Japan people just couldnt finish the entire game. They revised the scare in the sequel to pace the scares in order not to drive away people from completing the entire experience.


But I agree with the original Silent Hill being freaking terrifying when it was released, blowing the lids off the Resident Evil scare champ.

Salutes the author of the article for being the ONLY site to adding Juon to their scare list.

I like to pull that out at parties. Great game for the Wii. Wish it had the graphics of the 360 or PS3, but still a cool experience.

But IMO to put Heavy Rain in for scariest and not even add Dead Space or Dead Space 2 is criminal.


zerocrossing2373d ago

I agree. Fatal Frame 1 really was a scary game, the rope maiden still freaks me out today! lol.

I had heard about the game being loosely based on a "true story" also apparently many of the houses in the village (surrounding the house the game is based in) are supposed to have hidden tunnels leading from them into the house! Or something like that if memory serves, lol

I wanted to play Juon not sure if it was realised in the UK though :/ will have to search I think, heard it's supposed to be awesome!.

Yeah, at the very least Dead Space 1 should have been on the list, it did wonders to revitalise the Survival horror genre =)

EVILDEAD3602373d ago

@ zero

LOL @ actually shaking off a shiver when you brought up the dreaded rope maiden. Yes I heard there was alot of authenticity to Fatal Frame. I remember reading when they asked the developer to detail what was true and he wouldn't do it. He said something to the effect of it made it scarier if you don't know what was true or not.

You probably could get Juon pretty cheap online, although I'm no sure if your region locked. I heard alot of great things about Cursed Mountain as well. Just haven't sparked up the Wii in a long time to play.

You are right that Dead Space 1 was the scariest of the lot. It's ending was so scary that 'Paranormal Activity' stole it when they changed theirs. I couldn't have said it better myself that game alone revitalized the genre. Dead Space 2 was one of my favorite single player experiences this year.

The other huge ommission that Heavy Rain doesn't come close to in the scares department is F.E.A.R.

That games first and last hour alone beat many horror games that have come and gone.

But, then again what I've seen is these lists are only as good as what the author played.

I'm a HUGE horror movie fan as well so I'm always looking for the games that literally engulf me in real fear.

Other than Fatal Frame at #1..I dare people finish this game to this day with the lights out and the volume turned up. Clearly inspired Siren.

Resident Evil (The fame 'dog' scene and those f-ing huge tarantulas that drop on your head or run on the ceiling..scary)

Silent Hill (The original just can't be topped in the suprising WTF level. When the whole world changes and those nurses..truly was ahead of it time. The sequel brought great graphics and of course Pyramid)

Ahh the memories...


na-no-nai2372d ago

Having Surround sounds and playing in the dark is freaking scary. I think one of the part that is scary when you hearing something falling down the stairs which turn out to be a head rolling down. That was pretty freaky, but yeah finally someone who agreed that fatal frame 1 is the scariest fatal frame!!!

Drazz2373d ago

TOP 3:
#1 is definitely Silent hill 2, then fatal frame, then clock tower. (Still remember scissorman's laugh like it was yesterday....

Son_Lee2373d ago

Heavy Rain isn't scary, just a little creepy. Definitely unnerving, but not full-blown scary. Resident Evil 3 and Silent Hill 2, to ME, are the scariest games. Definitely agree with the majority of the list, though.

zerocrossing2373d ago

Yeah, I thought Heavy Rain was supposed to be more of a physiological thriller, not that I've played it myself yet though.

Son_Lee2373d ago

Well, psychological thriller is supposed to be horror, in my eyes. But Shadows of the Damned was labeled as such and at best that game was a childish romp through an okay world with very mediocre results. Heavy Rain isn't psychological, scary, or's just different, and an interactive movie. A very good one, though.

acemonkey2373d ago

why the FCK is heavy rain is on that list? Need for speed HP is scarier then that....who the hell wants to get locked up? nothing is more scary then running from the law lol

lastdual2373d ago

Yeah, there's a difference between disturbing and scary. Heavy Rain has some unsettling moments, but I wouldn't call them "scares".

And while I'm glad to see Penumbra on the list, I'd rank Amnesia above several of the other selections. Also Eternal Darkness.

Kassuhn2373d ago

... Where is amnesia: the dark descent?!

caboose322373d ago

Yea, instead they put the Penumbra series instead.

Definitely wasn't as scary as Amnesia.

bens2373d ago

Yea, Amnesia was one of the scariest, most atmospheric,
intense games ive played. I still have nightmares of that
water monster.

Brownghost2373d ago

innovative game, loved the gameplay

Eddy2232373d ago

what about haunting ground? that game took me forever to beat, it always got me SO NERVOUS

and what about rule of rose? that game was freeeaakkyyy. but at the same time really sad and pretty

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