Uncharted 3 pre-order and launch deals plus midnight openings round-up

XMNR: The biggest remaining Playstation 3 exclusive of the year is coming on November 1, 2011 and today we start the round-up of where you can find the best pre-order and launch deals for Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. We also are keeping track of which stores will have midnight launch events.

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lastdual2484d ago

Got it when Newegg was doing the $12 off deal, but have to wait 3 days for shipping. That's going to be a long 3 days...

Jack Bauer2484d ago

best buy offers some 70% regen code or something they dont mention that but i know they offer it cause i preordered it there.

LOGICWINS2484d ago

Yup, Bestbuy has some great deals. Most likely going there on Black Friday to pick this up. If ND wants to charge $25 bucks for a season pass then I'll just gt the game at a discount, pay for the DLC, and end up paying around $60 for the COMPLETE package.

bredstick652483d ago

Best Buy is also offering 50% more trade in credit when you trade in and buy Uncharted 3.
Here is their pre-order offer:

Pre-order Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception for PS3, and you'll receive a code for early access to the Regeneration Booster. The booster comes in handy in both Competitive and Cooperative matches, by speeding up your rate of recovery from wounds by 70%. Code will arrive via e-mail on or round release date.

ScubaSteve12484d ago

im going to wait for the goty edition

LOGICWINS2484d ago

Yeah my friends doing that as well. But hes going to Redbox it to play the single player when the game comes out.

Jls12484d ago

already got mine pre ordered

Dropdeadll2484d ago

i hope the stores break the release date..