New PS Vita Details Revealed

Sony’s PS Vita handheld is due to launch in Japan this December, and will be hitting Europe in February 2012.

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has revealed new details on the system, which I’ve listed below (because I’m nice like that).

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redd0r2371d ago

4 months is too long to wait!

Ultr2371d ago

I thought 1 year is long and now Uncharted comes out within a week!!!!! :D :D :D can't believe it!

Time will fly by within the holiday season!

redd0r2371d ago

Ha, yea, just can't come soon enough if you ask me, lol.

EddyD2371d ago

It'll happen soon enough!

egidem2371d ago

I'm actually replaying a couple of PSP games, namely Dissidia Final Fantasy, MotorStorm Artic Edge and N+ on my PSP 2000, and as much fun as this is, it's not keeping my mind off the PS Vita. Playing the waiting game is getting harder every day!

Domer252371d ago

This wait is nothing.....
I bought my PS3(2.5yrs ago) for The last guardian...
release this masterpiece team ico!!!!

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bahabeast86192371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

i still have to wait either a year or close 2 it im in bahamas and no way in hell im buying this here for $500.00 im gonna wait till i go on vacation and get it in states :) but that wnt be till nesxt year august :(

aint soo lucky living in bahamas when everything is priced double the u.s price

EddyD2371d ago

Who needs gaming consoles when you live in the bahamas man! Go outside and enjoy!

zero_gamer2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

Play your consoles at night in the Bahamas? Something I'd do.

egidem2371d ago

You live in the Bahamas? Lucky bastard :D

bahabeast86192371d ago

enjoy what outside? the sun, sand, beaches?? im use 2 it man i just wana go 2 work, hav sex, smoke weed, play my ps3. and dnt hav 2 be in that order either

user8586212371d ago

Apparently you need those new expensive memory card to even boot up certain games *cough* uncharted

clearelite2371d ago

I was going to ask you a question, but you won't be able to reply so I'll pass.

Can't wait for the Vita. I haven't been this excited about a handheld in a while.

I will have enough money by then for the Dev kit hopefully which comes with HDMI out or so I've heard.

Studio-YaMi2371d ago

You are one sad individual....seriously =| !

danny8182371d ago

its a great anti-piracy measure... *cough cough*

the vita is anti-piracy to the max not that u can use those wicked pandora batteries or the magical memory sticks !!! and its a good thing fuck those cheapskate pirates

zero_gamer2371d ago

Getting this thing on day 1 to compliment my 3DS. Handheld combo completed.

MGRogue20172371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

I can't wait to get my grubby hands on it, Got the 3G/Wi-Fi model pre-ordered. :P

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