Rumor: Mass Effect 4 Releasing Shortly After Xbox 720 Launch - Xbox World Christmas 2011

''The latest issue of Xbox World is brimming with exciting rumors, with the latest speculating that a next-generation Mass Effect title will release shortly after the launch of Microsoft’s next console.''

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Wizziokid2461d ago

could happen, they have said 3 won't be the end of the mass effect universe just Sheppards story

Perjoss2461d ago

That's pretty cool, I thought Mass Effect was a trilogy only.

Wizziokid2460d ago

yeah I'm glad they will keep the universe alive, it's so big they can go in any direction with it really, who knows what the next chapter will be

SilleGamer2461d ago

Hopefully Mass Effect will live on with the next cycle of consoles. :)

limewax2461d ago

Agreed but I want to see it re-invent itself next gen. No more system maps, Galaxy map yeah but replace the system map with actual ship exploration.

Make multiple docking bays on important planets so we have more of the planet to explore. Even if they had to cut back on the length of conversations it would be a worthy trade off for the gained feel of exploration.

user8586212461d ago

Damn!! just the thought of a next gen mass effect makes my brain explode! :/

SilleGamer2461d ago

Yeah it will undoubtedly look drop-dead gorgeous.

Can't wait!

bahabeast86192461d ago

why are we talkin about xbox 720 when the xbox 360 is still here and kicking? and why are we talking about mass effect 4 when 3 isnt even released yet??

digoutyoursoul82461d ago

its just a rumour, chill out

SilleGamer2461d ago

Yeah, agreed!

Somehow Xbox World seem to know a lot concerning next gen title development.

Must have some great contacts! :)

Shadowaste2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

Next gen xbox is coming out in 1 year, that's why we are talking about it!

Be glad, the reign of 720p or less and jaggies everywhere on consoles is ending.

Bring on the 1080p at 60 frames, Bring on the next gen!!

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