GameSpot gives 2/10 to Spy Games: Elevator Mission

By any standard, Spy Games: Elevator Mission is a remarkably awful title. Its shallow gameplay feels better suited as a free online flash game, as opposed to a budget priced retail product. For a Wii first-person shooter, the precision aiming gained from the remote is squandered by an otherwise clunky control scheme. And worst of all, it's just plain boring. A game this bad should offer at least some unintentional entertainment, but there's not a drop to be found here.

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Vip3r3919d ago

The Ace Combat series are really good. AC3 was one of the best PS1 games I've ever played.

BigKev453919d ago

With so many AAA titles this year, Ace got over looked.
Just bring on SC IV Namco!

Premonition3919d ago

No disrespect but how does wii sell with games like these coming out, I doubt this will be the last of its kind to come to wii, theres not to many hot titles coming to it besides supersmash brothers, and some others.

MK_Red3919d ago

Actually another great game is out for Wii to keep this one's company. That one got 1.5/10 from GameSpot!

Seriously, Wii is in need of good 3rd party games and instead of trying to get good games, Nintendo is allowing these terrible things on it's system? Worst game of PS3 or 360 is still better than both Spy Games and Anubis 2 combined.

cooke153919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

:| what a stupid comment. Do you know how many millions of bad games are made? A system is not judged on its bad games its judged on its good games. Intelligent people read some reviews before dropping 50+ on a game. And i hadn't even heard of this game untill someone decided it was newsworthy to post a bad game review. Strange how no one seems to do that for bad ps3 games unless they are hyped.

Rooftrellen3919d ago

"Strange how no one seems to do that for bad ps3 games unless they are hyped."

Because, otherwise, it gets rejected.

leon763919d ago

I think the wii brake a record: the console with more "< 5/10" reviews scores of all time....

Skerj3919d ago

Hah I thought this was like an Elevator Action remake, wow am I dating myself?