Joystiq Holidaze: explaining the PS3 SKUs

We'd love to say picking up PlayStation 3 is as easy as going to the store and grabbing the first box with the console's name on it. For better and worse, this generation of consoles gives consumers many choices at the (potential) expense of causing confusion at the store.

So it's with this in mind that Joystiq brings you this handy guide for discerning the difference between the various PlayStation 3 versions (aka SKUs) out there. Please note that the red and green coloring is not only festive decor for the holiday season but also a subjective highlight of what each version excels in (or subsequently lacks).

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Gothdom3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

there are only 2 and a half out there. the 60 gb is becoming extinct, so all people need to know is 60gb is the best, 80gb has partial BC and 40gb has only 2 usb ports and no BC. What's complicated?

also, if you want a bigger hard drive, just go and buy an SATA 2.5inch HDD that fits your needs...

I forgot, customers are stupid.

Richdad3924d ago

The prices have really falled down and I am gonna get it as soon as it falls in my country. Man there are tons of PC things you can do on it. Also the hardware is quite reliable, I mean I had to do a lot of hardwork to get my 360 out of 3ROL problem as I didnt had warranty, but with PS the problem would have not orignated in first case. I although dont see a lot of games on PS3 but there are really good quality products coming that make you stick to it.

Gothdom3924d ago

I'll have to disagree with the games thing. I bought Warhawk in august and whatever else I buy or play, I always come back to it. I'm getting Uncharted this weekend, this might be the title that'll make me forget about Warhawk.

Spike473924d ago

there is a 40gb with no BC for 40 dollars, an 80gb with motorstorm for 500, and a 60gb that will soon dissapear.

Yo Mama3924d ago

Confusing? As opposed to the Xbox 360? They're the ones who just released the "Arcade" bundle with NO HDD!! Not to mention the Elite and the other variances of the HDD sizes.

How's that for confusing parents, kids, gamers...

Maldread3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

But i`m not sure if i`m going to go for the 40gig or the 60gig.

With the 60gig i get BC which is great, but i`m not really that interested in either Resistance or Motorstorm, or having two controllers without rumble. I know it has more USB ports and a Memory flash reader, but i`m not sure if i really need 4 USB ports ?

I guess i should go with the 40 gig, but i`m just a bit worried i`m going to regret it afterwards, because of no BC and the USB ports missing. Any advice ?

ActionBastard3924d ago

You can use any off the shelf USB hub with the PS3, so if you if you are concerned, know it is easily remedied. The games with the 60GB are good, but if you're not interested in them, go with the 40GB.

Maldread3924d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

Thanks, maybe i will ;) Guess the extra value in the other pack is a bit tempting though hehe

A bubble for your trouble.

IntelligentAj3924d ago

It really shouldn't be that hard of a decision if you know what you want. BC doesn't matter to you than the 40gig is the way to. BC important and you want a "complete"(dumb ass term) PS3 than go with the 60gig.

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