Dead Rising 2: Off the Record - Cyber Skills DLC trailer

Capcom released a new trailer for Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

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Ravens202484d ago

Wow there is DLC already for this game? & why exactly couldn't this be an in-game unlockable?

ThichQuangDuck2484d ago

In game unlockables are apparently so last generation they would rather than challenging ourselves to unlock new game modes and content that we pay for them when they already attack used game sales so much yet they come out with scams like this. Capcom what happened to you

Zechs342484d ago

Dlc for a game that should've been Dlc...

Fuck*ing Capcom...

ThichQuangDuck2483d ago

DLC Inception.... only capcom could be so dastardly

dantesparda2484d ago

how is off the record on the ps3 compared to the regular dead rising 2? did they fix the tearing? how bout the framerate? is the res upped?