I'm a (virtual) cop killer in Payday: The Heist

In Payday: The Heist, you play as a cop killer who kills a whole lot of cops and earns big rewards for the cops you kill. Is that OK?

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NagaSotuva2487d ago

I always sympathized with GTA4's Nico Bellic, but these masked robbers are too scary.

admanb2487d ago

Payday is a videogame-ass videogame. You're rewarded for killing cops because they designed an FPS and therefore they have to reward you for killing something. You're penalized for killing civilians because if they allowed you to run in and kill everybody it wouldn't feel anything like a heist. Both reasons are video game reasons.

You can argue that Payday would be more enjoyable if it was more heist-like and less killing-waves-of-police-like, but trying to ascribe some moral intent to the design decisions they made is pointless.

SybaRat2487d ago

I have no idea what a "videogame-ass videogame" is, but it sounds-ass like fun.

SybaRat2487d ago

admanb's grasp on video game design intrigues me. By that logic, any game that sucks must suck because video-game decisions were made, and the suckage is therefore excusable.

Payday sounds like a not-fun game in a crass wrapper, and the developers' "moral intent" isn't nearly as important as the impact their game has on a player. If I feel bad or uncomfortable or bored or dissatisfied playing their game, that's THEIR FAULT and they shoulda done better with the opportunity they had.

JeffGrubb2487d ago

What does this have to do with candy bars?