Battlefield 3’s Patrick Bach: “biggest benefit for the console has been that we’re leading on PC”

EA/DICE executive producer Patrick Bach sat down and had a big chat with us about imminent uber military shooter Battlefield 3. Obviously, it’s one of those cross-platform war shooters people seem so fond of these days, but did the limitations of the console hamper its development as a PC game?

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Vladplaya2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

That guy if soooo full of shit. PC is not leading platform at all, other then slightly better graphics, everything else is just been ported from console design.

byeGollum2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

you guys can never be satisfied can you? :)
there's always something to moan about..

Fishy Fingers2373d ago

Yeah but at least moan about something factual. Dont just make s*** up to complain about Vlad.

egidem2373d ago

I can't even facepalm myself or argue with him after reading his statement because it's just not worth it.

DA_SHREDDER2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

I'm totally satisfied, just not with BF3. It's a big "MEH" if you ask me. The game definitely has 99 problems, and the b**** is the game itself. COD Black Ops is better, Killzone makes BF3 look like its almost in standard def. The game play is also meh. There are some things that are nice about the game, like the jets are awesome, cept for the fact you only have machine guns at first, go ahead, try to kill something with the machine guns. lol. Where this game shines doesn't compensate where it fails by any means. So ya, thats my take on it.

Edit: I just got knifed through a solid wall, the soldier literally walked through a solid wall and window that was in perfect shape and slit my throat. Thanks Dice. lol

@KillaGoose, the fact that you say black ops is a bad void makes your comment anything but reliable. Null, void, however you wanna look at it.



The mention of Black Ops being better than ANYTHING makes an opinion null and void. Hell, an STD is a little bit better than Black Ops.

Ashby_JC2373d ago

@ Da_Shredder

Black Ops....

...better then BF3??

Ummm in what ways exactly is it better??

And Killzone?? Small maos and infantry combat...gets OLD really fast...but hey its your opinion...I just highly disagree.

Not saying you need to love or like BF3 but...saying Blops is better...I neeed to know why you feel this way.

Unless your just into small maps, infantry only and quick action...then yes..Blops takes that crown.

solid warlord2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

@VvKILLAGOOSEvV & @jcaashby

After playing BF3 i can say that BlockOps is better cause its COD. People buy COD becasue its fucking addictive.

The whole 60fps, fast paced shooter that reward player like no other multiplayer game. The fucking killstreak rewards, the perks and total custumisation of guns, i mean Gears of war charges u £5 or so on fucking skins while COD doesnt. BF still has the old medic and assault classes ect and a fucking online pass.

I admit i hate on COD just like everyonelse, but like evryonelse we just cant get enough of the bastard that is COD, come release we ALL gonna buy it, lets face it. When u play games like BF3, u appreciate COD even more cause it so much better interms of fun. The fastpased addictive gaming u just cant get enough of it.

COD=The best fun multiplayer, what games should be about.
BF=slower players who do not wanna go into battle every minute and prefer largre scale 20-50min match. But a more relistic shooter but not very real.

COD so accesible, i mean u can hook up and play two matches in 15min of TD before u go to work. The matches are quick, you'll always find people to play with 24/7. Get plenty of hate mails cause u just raped them...when u really think about it, COD is the greates game ever made...well in multiplayer online wise.

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limewax2373d ago

Yeah because consoles clearly support the same shader capabilities, the tessellation was included for consoles it couldn't be used on.

I could go on with a list of features it supports that console doesn't. I really don't see what makes you think it's a port? It has a lot of PC exclusive features

achmetha2373d ago

if only it had an in game server browser instead of battlelog.

achmetha2373d ago

to be fair frostbite started on consoles with bad company. just sayin'.

Agent-862373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

@Vladplaya, sorry, but you're an idiot. When a developer states that PC is the leading platform, that means they are developing for the PC first and porting to the consoles. Sometimes, they lead with one of the consoles and then port to the other platforms. They are not stating that the PC is the leading platform sales wise. We all know that consoles are the sales leaders. That is not the point the guy was trying to make. By leading on the PC, he is stating that they were able to make the console versions better.

caboose322373d ago

Stop complaining.

I hate when people like you just blame EVERYTHING on being console ports and then despise them for it.

Battlefield 3 is NOT a console port first of all, and just because a game is a port does not make it a bad game.

zero_gamer2373d ago

"just because a game is a port does not make it a bad game"

Mass Effect, Oblivion, Fallout, Batman all console ports but console ports actually worth buying on PC (as long as you like the games).

hiredhelp2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

LOL Have you any idea how silly you looke stating that.

Thanks to DICE' PC Gamers may now be able to use there hardware to the full potential specially pc's that cost some people certain amounts of money. and got fobbed off by games not propally designed on pc instead rushed onto consoles.
Thanks to DICE' other developers might start to look at pc's once again as lead platform.

zero_gamer2373d ago

I really appreciate DICE's efforts in supporting our platform of choice. Hopefully we'll get more PC lead games. Not that console ports are bad in and of themselves (the well-polished ones). Some console ports on PC are even better than the console versions, like Fallout with mod support.

peowpeow2372d ago

My friend received his copy (mine yet to come) and I must say, this game is f***ing well optimized. I love you DICE!

aksmashh2373d ago

definatley a good thing, they should always use the most powerful platform then port it down (with multiplats)

zero_gamer2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

It is not ported from consoles. Skyrim, RAGE and Mass Effect are games designed on the Xbox360 and then get ported to the PC. There are PC specific features on BF3 and the console version is only part of the experience you get on PC.

death2smoochie2373d ago

Vladplay...forget it. You're a waste of skin

Shackdaddy8362372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

Note that Vlad only represents the dumb cynical PC gamers. Not even close to the majority of us :P

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AdmiralSnake2373d ago

LOL, I can already see this article being flooded with drama.

Reborn2373d ago

Vlad kick started that long ago.

Dart892373d ago

Who care's which one was the leading platform just enjoy the damn game jeez.Come on now get back to blowing people up:D.

MGRogue20172373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

It's all possible thanks to their engine, Frostbite 2.0

It's very well optimized & it's able to take full advantage of any platform it's running on, Fantastic engine.

I can't wait to see what the next iteration of their engine tech is going to be like.

Frostbite 4.0 :P

BX812373d ago

I want to punch BF3 in the face at this point.

3GenGames2373d ago

So does MW3. I don't see that happening, it's train vs llama at this point, get out of the way or be run over.

BX812372d ago

I only say that because of the servers. Also when I played online yesterday everytime I got on it gave me all that congrats you unlocked the online pass and pistol crap. At first I didn't think much of it but when I went to play the single player again it said it couldn't load my data because it was corrupted. I was on mission eleven now I'm on mission 1. Aghhhh! When I can get into a MP game with my group it's fun as hell though.

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