Forza Motorsport 4 Crashes in Japan, While the Rest of the World and the Critics Disagree.

After a rather lackluster first week of sales in Japan, Forza Motorsport 4 disappeared from the top 20 of the Media Create Software chart, despite high sales across the world and critical acclaim, even from the Japanese press.

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Dante1122277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Idk if I can agree with that. Currently F4 only sold 500,000 WW and with BF3, MW3, Batman: AC, and Skyrim, I think the sales won't hit the 2 million expectation of Turn 10 . F4 already dropped on both US amazon as well as UK amazon. Just my opinion.

US Amazon (At 45 now)

UK Amazon (From 4 to 15)

Edit: @ Abriel

True, going in on almost it's third week now (F4 sold 20k more than F3 so far). Probably sold 200-300k more after the first week. I hope it keeps pushing it.

Abriael2277d ago

yeah but racing games,especially if simulative, are a lot more of a niche compared to those.

Also, 500k sales are only the first week, not the first two. It's actually selling more than Forza 3 did worldwide, even if not by a lot.

GamersRulz2277d ago

I disagree with you, just take a look at GT5 numbers.

DarkKinght2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

But gt been around since ps1 days and a well know brand. ANd japan buys it to :P

kneon2277d ago

GT5 did something like 5.5 million in it's first 12 days so it's not a niche market on the PS3.

Abriael2277d ago

@GamersRulz: making a comparison with an extremely established franchise like GT is like coming here in january and telling that Star Wars The Old republic is doing badly because it doesn't have 11 million subscribers like wow :D

Me-Time2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Oh come on. To whomever disagreed with DarkKnight, you're wrong, man. Such a pointless disagree.

But to counter, "ANd japan buys it to :P", I will have to say that percentage wise, Americans prefer FM and the 360 by far. GT sales are weaker than they should be in the US just like PS3 sales. In Japan, they're both strong, but they only have 1/3 of the US population.

Kneon - 5.5 million in 6 weeks.

The second week of GT5's sales is a few (20,000 about) thousand copies less than the first 2 weeks of sales for FM4.

This completely biased thinking needs to end. Disagreeing and not having any good arguments or ANYTHING. FOR SHAME! I'm talking about the jackass who like to disagree for no reason. You know who you are. Show yourself pussycat.

Yi-Long, you're spot on. First day release DLC is a bit disturbing.

Six disagrees can choke on bananas. Learn to be intelligent sentient beings people. Or take a bat to the dome for being full of crap.

Yi-Long2277d ago

... they've seen how Forza 2 and Forza 3 were being milked with DLC-packs, that now they are just waiting for a cheap 'Ultimate' Edition to come out next year orso...!?

I sure know that's my nr. 1 reason why I stopped buying games like these at launch.

PirateThom2277d ago

1 game does not mean a whole genre is doing well... even on PS3 where other more sim based games like the Ferrari Challenge game on PS3 or even Enthusia on PS2 bombed.

In fact, sim racing games are probably one of the poorest selling genres out there, to the point many try to combine sim and arcade to pull in a fanbase, like Shift.

Gran Turismo is an anomally in the genre, Forza sells what it does because it's the closest thing to GT on the Microsoft console. These are in now way "standard" sales for the genre.

GamersRulz2277d ago

four installments of Forza and it didn't establish itself as a brand ? cmon guys be realistic.

RBdrift2277d ago

Didn't Gran Turismo 5 sell 1.8 million in two days?

Tr10wn2277d ago

GT was the first in other words it will sell because of the nostalgia, is like COD and BF, COD was the first to get it right and no matter how many people dont like it it will sell a whole lot more than BF, i love how people use sales at their favor, when is Halo sales doesn't count but when comes to GT sure they do, same thing with CoD lol fanboys.

kneon2277d ago


Direct quote from Sony's annual report

"sales of Gran Turismo® 5, exclusively for PS3, reached 5.5 million copies in the 12 days immediately following its launch in November 2010"

El Nino2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Forza isnt simulative though. It should be going against Shift 2 sales for example, an arcade racer trying to be a sim.

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StraightPath2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

I love it how fanboys care so much about sales, sales only matter to the developers who are making these games,i mean what does sales mean to a fanboy your not getting any of that money are you now? we just enjoy them while the developer publisher worry about the money..

Oh I see just for bragging rights

Person A " My game sold this much ! "

Person B " Nooo my game sold this much WW woo hoo "

Person A " Sooo my game sold this much in the first week "

Look how pathetic you look. Developers who make great games hopefully do get alot of sales so they can keep delivering us great experiences.

Me-Time2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

GT's dev has constantly updated from the start. Thank you, Polyphony Digital.

One agree. To the agree-er, I know you would double agree with me when I say that this world is going down the crapper. Few people understand that logical and rational thinking are apart of cooperating in an unbiased argument/debate/conversation. Some people are pathetic.

lastdual2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Sales only matter to fanboys when they reinforce their own personal bias. For example:

If Halo outsells Killzone: "Sales mean nothing! People are just brainwashed by marketing!"

If GT outsells Forza: "The market has spoken! It's obvious which game is better in the eyes of gamers!"

It's especially funny when those who take the later position turn around and hate on a game like COD. You'd think they would consider Black Ops to be the greatest thing ever to happen to video games...

banner2277d ago

"Developers who make great games hopefully do get alot of sales so they can keep delivering us great experiences. "

maybe thats why person c likes sales?!

whats pathetic is ppl thinking sales dont matter cause they dont own stock or get money from it..

Legion2276d ago


Stop worrying about your agrees and disagrees and let your comment speak for itself, pro or negative. Just for the record you will get a disagree from me every time you complain about getting disagrees.

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TreMillz2277d ago

Before anyone even says it, no it has nothing to do with being an "American product" look at the iPhone and iPods, its be cause of 1 reason, they have GT5 already. Don't say its not because if Japan really wanted, they have 1.5 million 360s sold over there, numbers would have been much higher if they really wanted it.

Jocosta2277d ago

That's because mobile devices are big in Japan to begin with, you are comparing apples and oranges when you pit a mobile device against a video game. Games are a point of pride for the Japanese, mobile devices not so much.

kneon2277d ago


I've been in the mobile business for 20+ years and have been to Japan many times and I think your explanation of the Japanese attitude towards mobile devices is incorrect. The Japanese phones and mobile services have been far ahead of anything in the west for a quite a long time and they know it. We are only now starting to offer features that they had available as much as a decade ago.

frostyhat1232277d ago

its already at half a million and hasn't been throught the holiday rush yet...I think it still has plenty of time to get to 2 million sold!

Prophet-Gamer2277d ago

I don't see how comparing an established franchise like GT to Forza is wrong since so many 360 fanboys love comparing new series like Killzone and resistance to an established series like Halo... lmao at the double standards.

mendicant2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )


The only people who compare Resistance and Killzone to Halo are those who desperately want them to be as good. The fact is most 360 only gamers aren't talking about ps3 games because they don't care about them. If they did, they'd buy them.

Killzone has been around since the ps2 so I'd say it is established-at least within the PS community. They're the only ones who care. It's not a double standard, it's a reality. It's an established franchise in its own right. Just not as good.

Papertiger2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )


That was the most mentally twisted logic I had ever witnessed from a console fanatic. Do you actually believe what you just wrote??

morkendo232277d ago

I will have to say that percentage wise, Americans prefer FM and the 360 by far.

thats BS not EVERY!!! american like FM nor 360
I rather have a solid japanese product anyday than a unreliable AMERICAN made product.
before anyone send hate notes.
every individual have freedom of speech of what they like and (dislike). FLOPZA is one

Jocosta2277d ago

And I will exercise my freedom of speech by calling you a retard.

theonlylolking2277d ago

Then why does GT sell more than forza in the USA?

Forza is great but should not be a sim. It is a arcade racer with sim features.

GT5 is not as realistic as those PC ones like iracing but on consoles why would you choose forza over Gt?

M$ probably paid tons of US and EU reviewers to rate the game high. Why would they do that for the failure the xbox brand is in Japan?

Legion2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Using my freedom of speech to tell you that you are clueless.

The statement that you tried to quote (try using these little things next time " ") didn't say that "EVERY" American likes FM and 360. It just said percentage wise that they favor them in America. Which is closer to factual then not.

Anon19742277d ago

I can't stand how Forza 4 sales are supposed to be "great" but if Resistance, or Uncharted, or LittleBigPlanet does anything less than 3 million overnight the gaming media is falling all over themselves to declare it a flop. Not that we know how well Forza's selling anyway. To my knowledge, no credible sales exists yet - so what exactly is Dualshockers basing this on anyway?

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JoelT2277d ago

It's a western title in Japan. Just saying.

gamingdroid2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

The fact that there are far fewer Xbox 360s than PS3 in Japan should clue you in on what to expect.

In fact, the difference is like a factor of four? Japan alone almost makes up for the gap in between the PS3 and Xbox 360 in the US!

ARTISAN2277d ago

japanese have a culture in which they prefer their products over others because its theirs or at least thats what yahoo said don't hate me for what yahoo said =P

Dante1122277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

@ Dark

Socom has been around since the ps2 days and was a well known brand too. Why didn't it sales follow the GT5 sale logic after 1, 2, and 3? Maybe just maybe, people bought GT5 because they liked it. Why else would it's sales still be increasing even after the reviews and with the so called disappointed fanbase?

Edit: @ Petit

Exactly! So why didn't that happen to the GT series if some people here say that after GT2, the GT series got worst and sold poorer? Why didn't that happen to GT5? Brand name has nothing to do with it especially if a game is truly unfavourable among fans as you see with S4.

PetitPiPi2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Maybe it's because the Socom series got worse and worse? GT sold because of it's name and the extremly long wait between games. GT is also a great game.

TreMillz2277d ago

SOCOM has not been around since the PS1 days....research your facts before posting

AdmiralSnake2277d ago

Socom could easily be a flagship title, however The developers are trying to copy other developers with their own multiplayer components instead of being JUST SOCOM. Also Socom was in the PS2 days, not the PS1, and it was Sony online flagship title.

spektical2277d ago

no socom 4 is amazing game, i like that it weeded out the COD noobs, its a pure tactical game.

and gt5 sold, because PD released a high quality product.

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PetitPiPi2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

The Japanese are in their own bubble when it comes to gaming. It's been this way for years. Their monthly top ten software lists are horrible to say the least. IMO they're no longer relevant in gaming.

Five disagrees in 1 minute???!! Sorry but something is up with this website. It's a mod or somebody has way too many multiple accounts. You don't see this sort of thing in other forums.

Whoever disagreed, tell me why. Am i wrong? Did i hurt your feelings? What's up?

@ Ryo-Hazuki. GT5 sold 7mil in Japan?!! Really? Bring another example to the table if you want to make a point.

Ryo-Hazuki2277d ago

GT5 over 7mil and counting and Forza 4 probably 2 mil lifetime. I guess the whole world is living in a bubble

2277d ago
Ryo-Hazuki2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

No problem.

That link is from Polyphony themselves.

6.3 Million as of Dec 2010

@ Petit... WorldWide numbers. "Whole world" should hint at what those numbers mean if you have a brain or common sense

DatNJDom812277d ago

Ryo just owned both of you. Please procede to the timeout corner.

Abriael2277d ago

Looks like Microsoft consider them very relevant, looking at how much they spend to market xbox 360 and it's games there :D

Me-Time2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

MS had to hire Hollywood for help in the lighting department. That says A LOT about MS and how desperate they are. Along with the Kinect ad. campaign. FOR SHAME! to that.

PetitPiPi - that's the best you got?

Sony is a business and look how flexible they were for GT5. Five years, they gave PD leeway to do what they needed to do. Sales matter to a business. What's your point petteitieitei?

PetitPiPi2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

MS are a business. What's your point exactly Abriael?

Umm.. the more sales the better? They tried the best they could and failed. What does flexibility have to do with this conversation Me-Time? Come on, you can answer without getting mad can you?

edhe2276d ago

Totally agree.

Neither the Japanese software products or market are relevant to the western game economy.

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