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"Payday: The Heist isn’t a very deep multiplayer game, but it’s impossible to deny that it’s fun. Things can feel almost scripted on the lower difficulty levels, but enemies become intelligent on Hard and Overkill difficulties, and you need to pay attention and work together with your teammates as far as possible. It’s fast paced and exciting, but disappointingly not as creative as I would have hoped based on the promotional material. Still, it’s worth a try for any fan of co-operative first person shooters."

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BeardedGamerShow2490d ago

Fairing better than I thought it would. Still, with such a crowded shooter market, I'll be giving this one a pass.

nycredude2490d ago

This game is fun as hell. I downloaded the demo, convince 3 of my friends on my list to download it also. 3 hours later we all bought the full version. It a great pick up and play game with no need for a disc and it's only $20.

swirldude2490d ago

Looks decent, but it's going to be lost in the holiday crowd.

Runa2162490d ago

looks good but a little too realistic for me.

Spectator12490d ago

It's faring worse in review scores than I expected. Got a lot of praise at E3, and looked pretty unique compared to the rest of the titles in the genre. Guess they just failed to build on the potential they showed off at E3.

Wh15ky2490d ago

Is this game ever coming to UK?

If it released three weeks ago when it was supposed to, I would have definately bought it.

However, I just bought Arkham City, next is Battlefield 3 then after that is Uncharted 3 and I'm liking the look of Infamous 2: Festival of Blood aswell, so I can't see me getting this game now and being mainly an online coop game means that if you don't get it at or close to release there's no point in getting it at all.

zeddy2490d ago

same here i might have bought it, but when it does eventually come out on the EU psn, it'll be forgotten in my mind.

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