First Look – World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria [Gaming Angels]

Gaming Angel writer Stealthyslyth talks about her hands on experience playing Mists of Pandaria at Blizzcon 2011

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Si-Fly2488d ago

.... for kids into Kung-Fu panda?

HardCover2488d ago

Pandaren lore has been in Warcraft for a long time.

The WoW playerbase has asked about it for a while now.

Best not to get condescending over things you clearly know little about ;)

Si-Fly2488d ago

@Hardcover : so sorry mate, didn't mean to sound condescending, I know there are lots of people who like pandas ( the fact that they're mainly 5yrs old and refer to them as Pandy Wandys is obviously beside the point).

Meanwhile you should check out the new sesame street game, that'd be right up your street and has received very favourable reviews, peace brother :)

Coolmanrico2488d ago

So what exactly is your problem with Pandas?

HardCover2487d ago


Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize I was talking to a kid or teenager. Never mind me.

Hopefully you're one of those kids that DOESN'T stay in the douchebag phase of life.

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