Amazon Sells 1,400 Wii Consoles In 10 Minutes

PS3Center: "The Nintendo Wii is the hottest selling console this holiday season, there is no secret to that. This is highly evident after it sold through 1,400 units on Amazon in 10 minutes.

Dixonx online has reported that Amazon sold through 1,500 Wii consoles in only ten minutes, selling thousands more on Wednesday.

The website stated that many people in the UK are trying to get their hands on a Wii console for Christmas but many of them have not yet been successful. The same story goes for the United States as holiday shoppers have been turned away left and right trying to get their hands on the Nintendo next-gen console".

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rbanke3921d ago

"the Nintendo next-gen console"


rbanke3921d ago

does that disagree mean i wasnt giggling?

Rooftrellen3921d ago

Well if it was just a giggle with not relavence to the story, I guess it's off topic spam.

If its not, then you're saying the Wii isn't next gen by giggling at that sentence.

Either way, I disagree.

Real gamer 4 life3921d ago

lol the wii might break the ps2 120 million sales.

duarteq3921d ago

indeed, The most failure as game console but the best gadget sold. I also have one. played in first months. Now is only used for firmware upgrade

MythSquare3921d ago

Wii to come close to 120 millions of PS2. There is no so many people that desire such next-gen experience.-)

cooke153921d ago

Interesting.. People last generation gobbled up the weakest system the fastest.

akaFullMetal3921d ago

if only they could make enough wii's for demand, which is beyond me why they can't

DethWish3921d ago

1400 consoles sold in 10 minutes just for 1 store.
Imagine all the thousand of stores that sells Wii's around the world.
Pretty hard to keep up with 140 consoles a minute per store then, even though this isn't really the case.

Just to give you an overview :P

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The story is too old to be commented.