PX360 Speculates: Where will Grand Theft Auto V Take Place

Rockstar Games has announced the existence of Grand Theft Auto V, which in turn has triggered endless amounts of speculation. Everybody and their shockingly violent grandma want to know, where is this game going to take place? The setting has played a central role in every Grand Theft Auto game to date, more so than any other video game franchise. GTA has taken us on a road trip through Liberty City (based on New York City), San Andreas (based on California and Nevada), Vice City (based on 1980s Miami), and even to Chinatown. Rockstar is known for allowing the setting to guide the story, and this is plain to see by looking at games such as Red Dead Redemption and L.A. Noire. Unfortunately, until November 2nd, the only clue we have is the Roman number symbol “V,” which looks to be playing homage to American currency. Based on this alone, we’re guessing where the next Grand Theft Auto game will be taking place.

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iamnsuperman2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

I think Vegas makes a lot of sense. The money like colours, the V and the fact the five looks like old money (Native american vibe on the note) is part of Las Vegas's history.

Getowned2460d ago

Vegas would be really cool,But I stil want Vice can even see palm trees in the pic :D

Dee_912460d ago

Rumors are its about corrupt banks and what not I think thats what the money green V is all about .. not so much vegas ..


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UltimaEnder2460d ago

I want Seattle, nuff said...

LaurenKB1232460d ago

Washington DC would be cool...

UncannyValley2460d ago

Yeah, Washington DC would be awesome. It would be interesting to see how Rockstar Games would change the easily identifiable monuments and give them their own unique twist.

TheBlackMask2460d ago

Why does everyone think it will be Las Vegas...the GTA version of Vegas was in SA as one of the three islands, las venturas. If they did a whole GTA version just set there it would be silly since people would want to go back to Lost Santos and San Fierro.

Hope it's set in Vice City and not Liberty City, LC is dull and depressing.

Oh and hopefully the music on the radio will be good again....who remembers in Vice City shooting another car during a serious mission only to be singing along to Video Killed the Radio Star.

ainsz2460d ago

Lol, GTA plays like a Martin Scorsese film, it's all violent, brutal and so on but there's awesome sing along music in the background.

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The story is too old to be commented.