Gamer 2.0 gives 9.6/10 to Super Mario Galaxy

November 20,2007 - It has been almost too long since Gamer 2.0 has been able to see Mario platforming his way through a game. Super Mario Sunshine was one of his most controversial adventures, being a radical change from the beloved Super Mario 64. This time, Nintendo's looking to make up for any past transgressions by letting Mario do what he's best at and focus on that. The result is Super Mario Galaxy, a game that contains the pure essence of fun.

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CrashSpyro1233959d ago

I'm enjoying this a lot, as there are lots of cool levels earlier on in the game.

cooke153958d ago

Simply an incredible game that deserves the scores. Still not a single review under 90% at Gamerankings.

wiizy3958d ago

the best game of all time... played out, well with that atari logo you got going on and still have the nerve to talk