gametaroo!: Dark Souls - Extreme Risks, Extreme Rewards

gametaroo! writes:

As videogames are primarily a form of entertainment, it’s not surprising that they are often so eager to please, empowering the player and inflating their sense of achievement as a means of drawing them in and keeping them playing.

In many respects From Software’s action-role playing game Dark Souls (and its predecessor, Demon’s Souls) is the antithesis of the crowd-pleaser; founded upon the concept of challenge and loss, to play it is to feel a weighty gauntlet slap you about the chops as it dares you to take a step into its ruined, dangerous and unwelcoming world. It makes huge demands of the player and From Software take an almost twisted delight in leaving the player deflated and distraught; moments of achievement are quickly smashed as you meet a foe whose ability to destroy you is even more efficient than that which you had just overcome.

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