Rumor: Shining Hearts & Malicious Coming To PS Vita - Official Playstation Magazine UK Nov 2011

''The November 2011 edition of Official Playstation Magazine UK is carrying two distinct rumors relating to the release of both Shining Hearts and Malicious on Sony’s upcoming handheld extraordinaire.''

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pedrami912398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

My bad, thought this was being reported as new game announcements.

Turns out it was localization news.

Cloudberry2398d ago

But Shining Hearts on the other hand.........

I don't mind SEGA would localized Shining Hearts ONLY for Vita.

At least, SEGA shouldn't worry about piracy yet.

If this is work, after that they should do a Valkyria Chronicles III updated for Vita with second analog stick as camera control and such.

sashimi2397d ago

YES! Consider them sold!

tiffac0082397d ago

I'm all for a new Shining game but Sega please localize Valkyria Chronicles III, I don't care if its for the PSV. I will buy it~

tarbis2397d ago

Shining Hearts as tactical rpg like VC? Me want.

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