Missing the Mark: Five Games That Fell Short

Daily Joypad's Stefan writes:

"There’s nothing worse than a title that doesn't quite live up to the months (or even years) of promise and as gamers, we all know what it’s like to anticipate that one title that’s just around the corner. That one title you’ve been watching and keeping a track of for months online and offline in whichever way you can. You’re set to buy it, you’ve got your pre-order placed, and just before the game hits stores; it receives an onslaught of negative or mediocre reviews. Over the last year or so, there’ve been a few titles that have missed the mark in some shape or form; this feature will examine five of these."

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josephps32460d ago

I'd add Lair, Haze, Final Fantasy 13. Especially FF13 because it was a total departure from what you'd normally expect of out of that series. Might as well call it "Legend of Crystal Adventures" by Square Enix because it was that different from past FF games.