Rockstar Assures Gamers that the Studio’s Priority is “Doing New Things”

We’ve seen Rockstar elevate the gaming medium to new heights with revolutionary titles like Grand Theft Auto III and the recently released Red Dead Redemption. But with new Max Payne and Grand Theft Auto installments on the horizon, it’s easy to see how some may fear that Rockstar plans to play it safe with well established franchises that are set it open-worlds that Rockstar has created time and time again.

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Sev2457d ago

I like the sound of new. That's the problem I had with GTAIV, nothing really felt all that new.

doctorstrange2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

GTA's been around for a long time, it's time for them to mix it up like GTAII to GTAIII.

modesign2457d ago

mixing the same game is really new (sarcasm)

Dee_912457d ago

possibly the worst sarcasm i have seen on this site

zerocrossing2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

The problem is, when GTA III came out it blew us all away, and since then each game had been adding to and perfecting on it, but it's just about bean maxed out.

I wonder what GTA V will bring in to the mix that will really make it stand out.

thebudgetgamer2457d ago

Gta4 had some of the best multi-player modes this gen.

2457d ago
NYC_Gamer2457d ago

what about making bully 2?

doctorstrange2457d ago

Agent first! That's totally new.

LOGICWINS2457d ago

Agent most likely got scrapped. Personally, I'd be more interested in a Bully 2 than Agent anyways. The first Bully was awesome!

Trenta272457d ago

This game will change the world of gaming, just like GTA 3 did. Rockstar will take the stage once again and shine.

zerocrossing2457d ago

That is my hope too, I wonder what the reality will be though.

ShabbaRanks2457d ago

I hope because GTAIV didn’t change anything... It just improved gameplay and graphics, but left the "fun factor" behind. Ya the story was good, but gosh I’m playing a game right. If I want a good story like this I’m gonna watch the godfather. GTA was about having fun with a decent story to sustain all the fun around it.

Sorry but I find GTAIV was overrated. The added such cool but unnecessary stuff in GTAIV, but forgot about some essentials. Okay I can go on the Internet, call friends with my phone and access mp via the phone ( witch I found really cool and innovative), but when I drop out of a helicopter I can’t even have a parachute… Cool, really cool… Seriously TheBalladOfGayTony was much more fun then GTAIV… They kind of redeemed themselves with me with that one.

GTAV needs to be more like San Andreas… If you played it you know what I’m talking about… Anything was a drivable vehicle; planes, trains, karts, bicycles, fighter jets, monster trucks, nascar’s you name it. Plus you could do anything; bet on horse races, participate in crazy nascar races, go kart races, driving lessons to increase you’re overall driving skill in the game, same with flying lessons, turf wars, valet missions, Casino robberies … Just fucking anything, the proof is that when the main story ended, you had tons and tons of extras to keep you playing… In GTAIV, when the story ended all you had was multiplayer and personally it wasn’t the kind of multiplayer you would expect from a GTA games from an epic videogame maker like R*

I love R*, but if you want to win my heart again, keep it like GayTony and RedDeadRedemption but less like GTAIV … Keep the graphics and gameplay if you want, just give us San Andreasish fun ;)

ainsz2457d ago

Completely agree, what I loved about BoGT was that not only had Rockstar brought back the fun factor and that classic GTA feel but towards the end, the story actually became pretty engrossing. I just hope Rockstar retain this level of epicosity for GTA V while also doing new stuff.

S25802457d ago

the fact that its gta 5 shows that it will be very different to 4, unlike 3, vice city and san andreas, which were quite similar

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