PS Vita memory card looks like it will be a necessity

Consumers expecting to walk into a game shop in February, plunk down $249 (plus tax) and walk out with Sony’s whiz-bang new handheld may want to readjust their calculations. New details out of Japan confirm the proprietary PlayStation Vita memory card may not be as optional as originally thought.

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Ulf2434d ago

I'm trying to recall another handheld which didn't require a memory card for save data...

I don't think there is one, besides the PSP Go. Getting a mem card is basically a requirement for handheld gaming, and always has been.

MakiManPR2434d ago

It will be necessary. Check the link.

deus_ex2434d ago

PSV is already so expensive, and now this. However if the games are good I am willing to make the investment.

MaxXAttaxX2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

I think we've know about the PSV not having an internal memory since the day it was announced as the "NGP". Why so surprised.
Everyone with a PSP got a memory card. Why is it suddenly a big issue now?

Most games will save within the game card with the exception of some titles (like Uncharted:GA).
Besides, who buys a gaming system with video, music, DLC and app functions and not take advantage of it buy getting a memory card?

Oldman1002434d ago

From what i recall, Nintendo handhelds have never required a memory card. Ever since the first gameboy save data has been stored right into the game cartridge itself.

DA_SHREDDER2433d ago

My 3DS has internal memory, and came with a 4 gig SD card, so um, Sony, try again. Especially if they think they are gonna sell the proprietary cards for more than they are worth.

Pikajew2433d ago

We all know you dont own any Nintendo stuff because you are a sony fanboy.

nycredude2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

4 gb sd card. LOL you bragging about that? I have more memory in my calculator!!!


I think you should just worry about yourself and stop counting other people's money. I work for my money and I'll spend it anyway i want to. I don't need some dude I don't know on the internet judging how i spend it. Have you ever had a dinner out at the steakhouse? How much does that cost. More than a fucking memory card and what do you get out of it. A steaming pile of Sh*t!

Optical_Matrix2434d ago

What are you on about? The first handheld and only handheld to use memory cards for saving data was the PSP.

On topic though, I don't care. At £229.99 I feel like I'm robbing Sony anyway. Splashing out a bit more for a one off purchase isn't a problem in my opinion. So be it. I got the cash.

egidem2433d ago

Anybody know why Sony decided not to include in internal memory for the PS Vita?

DarkBlood2433d ago

likely to be cost efficient remeber they are sort of particularly selling this at a lost

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Ddouble2434d ago

I plan to get to get a 32GB so i'm not that bothered but they should come out with a confirmation because it's confusing at the moement.

Quagmire2433d ago

Hope 3rd party companies manage to make cheaper alternatives, fuck paying whatever Sony is charging

Yodagamer2433d ago

that's the problem sony, since the ps2, has had a memory card software, which a license must be bought through sony in order for it to work on their platforms, so they might not be much cheaper

f7897902433d ago

Yet those alternatives manage to be cheaper so whatever. I'm sure SanDisk will eventually have their own version out on the shelves.

adorie2433d ago

I have this preordered. a memorycard is a no brainer.

as for 3rd parties making memory cards, I'd rather throw the money Sony's way, since they are putting out the hardware. not the 3rd parties.

clearelite2433d ago

People that think $250 is expensive for a Playstation Vita, FAILLLLLLLLL

rezzah2433d ago

What sony does is sell the main device/system at a loss but make up for profit through accessories and games.

I know they did it with the PS3 why not this?

--Onilink--2433d ago

well they didnt really made profits in the PS3's first 2 years, so its a risky strategy, however Sony (and MS) have the advantage of being just one part of a much bigger company with bussiness in other areas.

As for the original comment, that kind of mentality (shared by so many people here) is so wrong... just because something is worth its price doesnt mean its not expensive. $250+games+memory card is no small amount of money. Same with the PS3, at the time, Blu Ray players were $1000+, so the PS3 was worth it, it doesnt mean $600 for a gaming console wasnt expensive

nevin12433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Got to love early buyers. Seriously, how can anyone defend this. The ones who defends are the 1st ones to complain when it releases. I notice this trend these last few hardware releases.

Day 1 buyer are just asking for it.

--Onilink--2433d ago

yeah, it definetely happens a lot, i've never really regreted buying certain things on launch (like 3DS,Wii,etc) but there is almost always a feeling of "i could have waited and save some money"

But i guess anyone who buys things on Day one knows(or should, to avoid whining) that things always get cheaper quickly and better versions come out, you just gotta focus on the good things and upgrade when you feel like its worth

f7897902433d ago

I'll buy it day 1 with the 4GB. Ooh an extra $20!

I already have the 2 "welcome back" PSP games I got for FREE when I didn't even own a PSP. Those will be loaded on as soon as I get home.

Sure I could wait for it to be cheaper or I could play it as soon as it releases. Plus I get the advantage of using whatever hack comes out first without worrying about the firmware being too new.

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