Saints Row: The Third: A Marketing Genius

GameZone's Tate Steinlage applauds THQ with the clever marketing that they have done with Saints Row: the Third in order to stand out this Fall.

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DemonStration2372d ago

They've done a really good job of selling me on the game

Quagmire2372d ago

After the horrible balloon marketing stunt for Homefront, lol.

TheSanchezDavid2372d ago

The marketing is part of the reason I've been so stoked to play this game. Well, that and the sheer insanity of the game itself.

athmaus2372d ago

game looks intersting, but doubt will get it have to many others on my list

FAGOL2372d ago

Yep there's just no time to play it with all the other titles coming out before November 15th.

e-p-ayeaH2372d ago

ACTUAL GAME FOOTAGE! - i love that one.

RufustheKing2372d ago

The game is over the top but looks like FUN and fun is the main reason i buy games. Too many people buying games nowasays just to be popular(i am looking at you CoD fans) the last good CoD games was CoD4. :) wont be getting saints row 3 for along time tho. got Uc3 and skyrim on my list :)

e-p-ayeaH2372d ago

im sorry but the reason that ppl buy cod its because its fun.

RufustheKing2371d ago

how is listening to 10 year olds scream down the mic Fun? how is it fun that someone hacks the game and no matter how good a player you are you can't kill them off? it used to be fun but nowadays it's just popular to have the game.

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