Should Mass Effect 3 Keep This Gamer From Selling His Xbox 360?

Kotaku - Mass Effect is a series about making tough decisions, and commenter eatplaysleepmore is really feeling it. He wants to sell his Xbox 360, but doesn't want to lose the accumulated save data for the previous two games. What should he do?

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superfranky2459d ago

no, he can play it on ps3 or pc with better graphics and mods

dark-hollow2459d ago

Can't we have any real gamers debates in the comments section without the usual horde crapping their pants over plastic toys?

EVILDEAD3602459d ago

Kotaku really dug deep into the gutter of Flames for this one.



morganfell2459d ago

I agree this is sheer trash journalism and there is no reason, no reason to sell your 360 unless you want to upgrade or there is a hardware issue.

But you must have missed the bazillion articles they have written where Sony was burned by much higher flames. Wait, if they wrote it about Sony then it's true.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2459d ago

no, he's having a problem because if he does that then he'll lose his saves.

Oldman1002459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

Lmao, check out the comment section.

Nate-Dog2459d ago

If it was me I'd stick with it, doesn't sound like the guy is particularly low on funds or anything or in a situation where he desperately needs the money from selling his Xbox.

That being said I'm not as sure as I was before that ME3 really will wrap everything up considering Bioware have said a few times that instead of ME3 ending a part of the series it is more of a "new beginning" so I'm not sure. Not saying the decisions from the previous games won't matter, but maybe they won't be as big as expected before or maybe they won't really finish everything off just yet.

ginsunuva2459d ago

Yeah what's an xbox gonna get you? 70 bucks?

That'll get you out of debt.

bahabeast86192459d ago

i think he should sell it and buy a ps3 still get to play mass effect 3 and all the great ps3 exclusives and multiplats or just buy a ps3 and keep it then he will have best of both worlds

XDF2459d ago

@bahabeast8619. Clearly you don't know what a period is.

bahabeast86192459d ago

@XDF clearly your a fkin snott watching too much b*tch

baodeus2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

and here i thought people on n4g claim ps3 community are mature gamers, don't curse online, etc....instead of stupid kids cursing every few second. Well, You just prove them wrong bahabeast8619. Thanks for representing the ps3 crowd. Keep it up bro.


he already has ps3 and it doesn't looks like he in needs of money. If you are a gamer, what is the point of selling your consoles u already own?

EmperorDalek2459d ago

I scrolled down and read DocSeuss's comment thinking that was the article...

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