GameInsider: RAGE Review - Why id Software's Latest FPS Action RPG Just Misses The Mark Of Greatness

After a relatively long development cycle, a cycle that spans some of the best years we’ve seen in gaming, id Software has finally given birth to their long-awaited and highly anticipated new intellectual property (IP), RAGE. Events like these are quite rare; with only three active IPs (Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake), the last new IP released by id Software was nearly half-my-life-ago when they introduced Quake to the gaming world in 1996. It’s hard not to have high expectations for RAGE, especially from a developer that pretty much invented the FPS genre and has since delivered games of the highest technical caliber with fantastic art, sound and atmospheric design; it’s equally difficult to review a game that is as enjoyable as it is disappointing.

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Agent_hitman2458d ago

Why id Software's Latest FPS Action RPG Just Misses The Mark Of Greatness??

Carmack is nothing but a pathetic 360 fanboy, he keeps on bragging that 360 is the best whie ps3 is the 2nd.. Well it will kill his future franchise if he continue to detract sony's reputation.. Better yet he should shut the fvck up!.

Honestly I lost my respect for him, he is pathetic.

TheGameFoxJTV2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

sigh, why even mention consoles when the article is focusing on a game. and the mechanics behind it. Someone is a die-hard fanboy.

palaeomerus2458d ago

EFF Sony's whining idiot fanboys.

Suicide_King2458d ago

Finally a REAL review. Not just someone ID paid off. Rage was mediocre at best. Maybe a 6/10.

TheGameFoxJTV2458d ago

I treat gaming like a I do books. If a book starts really poor, it'll more than likely not get better. Therefor I place it down and pick up a new one. RAGE was boring to be for the first 2 hours of the game and showed no hope of getting better in my eyes. So, I put it down and put Arkham City in my console. Was a much better decision.