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GameBlurb, "Well it seems the big reveal from Rockstar Games is out and I can’t wait to the see the trailer. A franchise that analysts are already claiming that it will outsell Call of Duty games is probably something we shouldn’t be just sitting around on. That said, there’s a lot of things that we as a staff would like to see in the upcoming games. Here are just a few from myself and the rest of the GameBlurb Crew."

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jaidek2281d ago

I'd like to see them do something with drop-in/drop-out co-op throughout the campaign. That would be so much fun to play with friends.

shak2281d ago

Less phone calls/texts would be dope

Jobesy2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Yeah and no going on dates with girls. This is a video game not a dating sim for losers.

ishilicious2281d ago

yeah the real time Co-op thing would be pretty awesome. put a new spin on things. i can imagine groups of people forming gangs and whatnot

TheBlackMask2281d ago

Nope...wouldn't want them to expand of co-op. Multiplayer was fine but if you want a drop in drop out thing go and play on Saints Row 3. I just want them to focus on a nice gripping single player story.

Rockstar know it's going to sell well...developers only add co-op/online so it will sell more. With GTA it would sell a ton even if they removed multiplayer all together

steve30x2281d ago

Not everybody has friends that play games. If they done the co-op thing hwo would people with no game playing friends finish single player?

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