Gamer 2.0 Reviews Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Upon first glance, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune may look like a fancy name for Dude Raider, but that's just selling what the game truly is. Instead of a simple clone, Uncharted aims to be an amalgamation of a few great games combined with a movie-quality presentation that rises above the sum of its parts into quite a unique experience. As the fall rush of great titles winds down with the New Year, is Uncharted a title that can stand out amongst the crowded lineup or is it just a title that should be overlooked?

Gamer 2.0 Gives it a 9.2/10:
Why you should buy it: You like any one of the games Uncharted borrows from or you love great games.

Why you should rent it: You're not a fan of any of the games Uncharted borrows from. You still call this game Dude Raider.

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Rythrine3889d ago

This game is amazing. The graphics were unbelievable specially the water effects. The pacing, acting and voice-over were perfectly done. It's really like playing a movie. Kudos to Naughty Dog for a great job,

artman3889d ago

will be on my TOP LIST.
it's been a long time I haven't get this excitement yet since SF3

Gothdom3889d ago

this game is just amazing. It's the first game to drag me away from Warhawk. My rank will suffer so much because of this awesome game hahaha.

mighty_douche3889d ago

but its justified and understandable for anyone whos played the game.

PimpHandHappy3889d ago

anything under 9 for this game is a joke

i just beat it first time and its one of the best games i have played!

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The story is too old to be commented.