Don’t sweat the Catwoman Arkham City content

SG - I’m here to save you some money. I just finished the Catwoman episodes for Batman: Arkham City, and, well, they’re not worth your $10. If you bought a new copy, by all means, you should play. What have you got to lose? It’s free content. You’ve already spent your $60, so it’s no skin off of your back.

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Lord_Sloth2428d ago

Wanted Robin and/or Nightwing content and a Robin and/or Nightwing story mode.

Yi-Long2428d ago

... it's way too short and meaningless, and you will absolutely feel robbed if you spend 800 MSP on it.

400 or 560 MSP would have been better, but even at that price I'd say there are better ways to spend you MSP/money.

It just feels kinda tacked on, slightly missing out on the potential it might have had.

JoeReno2428d ago

I was wondering if you got the game used and didn't buy the catwoman DLC would her red riddler trophies still be all around Arkham, because that would drive me nuts seeing them and not being able to get them.

Yi-Long2428d ago

... but I always hate it when you come across content in games that's 'locked off' because you didn't buy some DLC or something. Absolutely ruins the complete experience and enjoyment for me.

Games like Burnout Paradise and Skate 3 had that, which were the reasons why I never bought those games.

colonel1792428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

I bought the game new and actually thought that it was part of the story. Now that I know is not, it is kind of irrelevant when you take it apart and play it separately. When you play it together though, it adds a nice touch.

For people that buy the game used, it wouldn't make sense to buy the content. It is not like an expansion or anything. If the content were compared to a movie, it would be just 4 scenes that you would be buying, and they do not add to the story. It is fine to have them, because it came with the game, but buying separately, not worthy really.

If this was a part of the story like some other games have done (Prince of Persia, Mass Effect 2, Little Big Planet, etc then it would be a different.

Deadpool6162428d ago

I haven't finished Arkham Asylum yet, so I'm just going to pickup the GOTY Edition. All the costumes, characters and side missions will be in a nice complete bundle by the time I get through my backlog of games.

Yi-Long2428d ago

... thats what I would and should have done with this game, but it was an early birthday present (the CE), so I already have it.

Great game, although a bit too short, and a shame about the DLC-milking, which I don't support.

Also, the Catwoman sections were an OK extra, but way too short and non-important. Would have prefered to have seen those villains in Batman's story.

Deadpool6162428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

Just by looking at Arkham City, everyone could tell it was going to be one of the top games this year.

I never imagined it would have so much DLC right out the gate. I've said this many times and I'll say it again. Most (if not all) of that content should be in-game unlockables. They're using DLC the wrong way and I hope this doesn't start a trend.

Catwoman was originally in the full game without codes or DLC. Just a tactic against used game sells...unless it's at gamestop.

Dazel2428d ago

As stand alone dlc its pretty pointless but it does as some variety to the game as a whole. I like playing with catwoman ;op

WitWolfy2428d ago

Yeah Batman AC was too short.... Usually when I play a game I start to get bored half way through, here I was playing thinking man im only 32% done with the game. Where all of a sudden the credits came up with Joker singing "Only you"


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