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GameZone's Robert Workman reviews Payday the Heist for PSN. A mix of Heat-inspired moments and Left 4 Dead-ish gameplay, it is a game that will leave you torn due to lackluster gun play and small glitches.

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DemonStration2489d ago

Seems interesting but a bit bland to me.

TheSanchezDavid2489d ago

I'm interested in checking this out. Maybe somewhere along the road when I have some extra cash. Looks like fun, though.

ShabbaRanks2489d ago

Be sure to have some friends to play with and go for Overkill difficulty and enjoy... Extremely addictive cooperative game ;)

Oh and trust me with the Overkill difficulty and all the unlocks, 20bucks is very cheap !

athmaus2489d ago

game looks really bunk!

2489d ago
Veni Vidi Vici2489d ago

I have this game and it's better than a 6. I'd give it a 7.5-8. There are a lot of things to unlock as you level up but like the reviewer said, there could be more variety to the unlocks. It is very intense and pretty damn hard. If you're turned off by difficult games, don't get this.

Heck, for $20, it's not going to be as good as a full fledged game. You still get a very cool game that's fun to play though. Not many games like it.

HebrewHammer2489d ago

For $20, the game should operate as advertised. Finding a match is like trying to find a bride in a brothel.

Veni Vidi Vici2489d ago

I have it on PC and I have no problem finding a match. Maybe it's just on the PS3? I have yet to find a glitch other than the AI being too stupid to follow or go through a hole in the floor.

Lord_Sloth2489d ago

Say what you will but I've had no issues with connectivity and finding a game.

Lord_Sloth2489d ago

It's not the PS3. I have no trouble with the matchmaking. I'm gonna chalk this up to operator error.

HebrewHammer2489d ago

Funny, considering the current GAF and PS board forums regarding Payday on PS3.

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